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Primary Voices, Vol. 8, No. 4, April 2000

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Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Multicultural Language Practices

  • Message from the Editors

    Katie Wood Ray and Lester L. Laminack

    Abstract: Introduces the themed issue, "Multicultural Language Practices," and describes Western Hills Elementary School, the setting for the issue, where language isn't considered content to be learned, but instead is a tool used to talk to and learn from each other. All students - including native English speakers - are expected to use both English and Spanish in this multicultural school.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Examining the Relationship among Opportunity, Inclusion, and Choice

    María E. Fránquiz and María de la Luz Reyes

    Abstract: Describes the multicultural language practices used at Western Hills Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. Discusses social and cultural dimensions of learning and their relationships to second language acquisition. Describes exploring cultural diversity through school-wide themes, encouraging second-language development for teachers and students, teacher "teaming" and forming friendships across language borders.

    Keywords: Language, Elementary

  • Creating Opportunities for Emerging Biliteracy

    Eloise Andrade Laliberty and María E. Berzins

    Abstract: Outlines instructional principles upon which classroom practices in a fourth grade and in a kindergarten class are based that contribute to students' success, love of literacy, and emerging biliteracy. Discusses creating a socioculturally supportive learning environment that (1) affirms the cultural and linguistic resources of all students; (2) provides opportunities for inclusion and choice; and (3) involves parents in their children's learning.

    Keywords: Literacy, Elementary

  • Teaming for Learning Success

    Wendy M. Hollister and Sara Nelson

    Abstract: Describes how team teaching benefited two first-grade classrooms, one a bilingual instruction classroom and the other an English instruction classroom, by expanding opportunities for language use and transforming the two classrooms into a more inclusive community of learners as these young children used first and second languages to build bridges to each other and their curriculum.

    Keywords: Literacy, Elementary

  • Literature Circles: Creating an Environment for Choice

    Claudia Peralta-Nash and Julie A. Dutch

    Abstract: Describes how two teachers in a fourth-grade classroom adapted the idea of literature study to a format that nurtured first- and second-language learning for all their students. Shows how choice of reading materials and choice of language to discuss what was read provided opportunities for students to raise their levels of both fluency and literacy.

    Keywords: Literacy, Literature, Elementary

  • Reflections on Multicultural Language Practices across a District and within a School

    Dona Kitto and Sandra L. Husk

    Abstract: Describes the school climate, the building-level specifics, and some effective teaching strategies that make Western Hills Elementary School an appropriate and successful setting for the development of multicultural language practices. Discusses the partnership between the school district and the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the role this partnership plays in supporting the development of multicultural language practices.

    Keywords: Language, Elementary

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