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Primary Voices, Vol. 7, No. 1, August 1998

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Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Talk That Empowers Struggling Readers

  • About This Issue

    Cathy M. Roller and Linda G. Fielding

    Abstract: This issue explores teacher's and children's talk in a reading and writing workshop classroom, part of the University of Iowa's Summer Residential Program for struggling readers.

    Keywords: Writing, Reading, Elementary

  • Theory Becomes Practice at the Point of Interaction

    Linda G. Fielding and Cathy M. Roller

    Abstract: Introduces three articles that explore teachers' and children's talk in a program for struggling readers; describes how Vygotskian perspectives, along with structure and directness, form their teaching frame; examines three learning settings that have traditionally failed struggling readers; and pays attention to the social nature of learning, showing that struggling readers can succeed in each social setting.

    Keywords: Reading, Elementary

  • Talk During One-on-One Interactions

    Sylvia Forsyth, Rosalie Forbes, Susan Scheitler, and Marcia Schwade

    Abstract: Shares examples of explicit teacher talk to demonstrate its influence on learners: encouraging positive reading behaviors, thinking metacognitively, and using meaning as well as sounding out words. Describes teacher talk that (1) promotes struggling readers' understandings and control in reading; and (2) that empowers novice teachers and thus their students. Demonstrates that clear instruction enables children to influence learning in peers.

    Keywords: Reading, Elementary

  • Sharing Sessions Provide Structure for Growth in Literacy

    Penny L. Beed

    Abstract: Describes Book Sharing Sessions, in which struggling readers are immersed in peer discussions about books they have read. Discusses how, through this immersion and through modeling and explicit instruction, children learn to think about what is important in a book; how to convey its meaning; and how to ask questions, listen, and lead discussions.

    Keywords: Reading, Elementary

  • Complementary Contexts Support Peer Talk and Reading

    Linda G. Fielding, Jean Hammons, and Carrie Ziegelbein

    Abstract: Uses excerpts from children's conversations to illustrate talk that occurs in three regular contexts in which struggling readers can work: weekly visits to a day care center where they read to younger children, daily partner reading, and daily inquiry project time. Suggests ways to promote talk in each context that will empower these learners.

    Keywords: Reading, Elementary

  • Reflections

    Cathy M. Roller and Linda G. Fielding

    Abstract: Argues that talk is a critical variable in work with struggling readers, contributing to their problem solving and engagement in reading tasks. Speculates about factors that contribute to children's failure: child and family factors, constraints within which teachers and schools operate, and the adversarial nature of the discourse surrounding reading instruction.

    Keywords: Reading, Elementary

  • Selected Readings

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Reading, Elementary

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