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The NCTE Language Arts podcast, "Conversation Currents," presents interviews with noted educators discussing current research and practice in the language arts. A new mp3 podcast accompanies each bimonthly issue of Language Arts. Listen by clicking on the audio players below, or subscribe to the free podcast in the iTunes Store.

[The music for this podcast was written and performed by Branden Lisi and is © 2011 Branden Lisi.]


November 2012:

Read the November 2012 issue

Conversation Currents: Aligning Instruction to Developmental Needs in Critical and Digital Literacies (33:27)
Jackie Marsh and Vivian Vasquez

Jackie Marsh and Vivian Vasquez discuss how teachers can use kid-watching to discover individual children’s patterns of development as they engage in reading, writing, critical literacies, and digital literacies in and out of school settings.



September 2012:
Local Literacies in a Global World

Read the September 2012 issue

Conversation Currents: Learning Local and Global Literacies from Students and Families (19:24)
Sonia Nieto and K. C. Nat Turner

Sonia Nieto and K. C. Nat Turner, both from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, share their experiences with community–school collaborations and the transformative possibilities that occur when the relationships offer bi-directional opportunities for learning.



July 2012:
Insights and Inquiries

Read the July 2012 issue

Conversation Currents: Writing: A Mode of Thinking (28:08)
Danling Fu and Jane Hansen

Language Arts editors talk with Danling Fu and Jane Hansen about writing, the thinking that needs to be made visible, the roles of evaluation in writing, and writing across disciplines.



May 2012:
History of the Word, Part I: Centennial Issue

Read the May 2012 issue

Conversation Currents: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times? (46:53)
Yetta Goodman, Ken Goodman, and Bess Altwerger

Dr. Kenneth Goodman and Dr. Yetta Goodman, from the University of Arizona, and Dr. Bess Altwerger, from Towson University, share their thoughts about the history of reading theory and instruction, how their view of the reading process has evolved, and how literacy theory and instruction have become of interest in public arenas.



March 2012:
Professional Development in the Age of

Read the March 2012 issue

Conversation Currents: Digital Directions in Professional Development (35:05)
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl and Cindy O’Donnell-Allen

Elyse Eidman-Aadahl and Cindy O’Donnell-Allen discuss the influence of 21st century literacies and technologies in today’s classrooms.



January 2012

January 2012:
Writing the Image, Writing the World

Read the January 2012 issue

Conversation Currents: Image, Identity, and Insights into Language (37:05)
Jerome C. Harste and Gunther Kress

Jerome C. Harste and Gunther Kress talk about the role of new literacies, critical literacy, and aesthetics in literacy education.


November 2011
November 2011:
Beyond PowerPoints and Scavenger Hunts

Read the November 2011 issue

Conversation Currents: Digital Footprints (28 min)
Julie Coiro and Sara Kajder
Julie Coiro and Sara Kajder share their thoughts about what digital tools are available and how they might transform classrooms and literacy learning.



September 2011


September 2011:
Shaping Early Literacy Policy and Practice

Read the September 2011 issue

Conversation Currents: The Casualties of Policy on Early Literacy Development
(35 min)
Richard Allington and P. David Pearson

Richard Allington and P. David Pearson talk about the impact of policies on curricula and assessment, teacher practices, and the future of professional development.


Donald Graves Remembered
(27 min)
Tom Romano and Penny Kittle

Tom Romano and Penny Kittle reminisce about their professional and personal relationships with Donald Graves, internationally known writing scholar in the language arts.




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