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Language Arts, Vol. 79, No. 6, July 2002

Cover Art for Language Arts, Vol. 79, No. 6, July 2002

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Current Explorations

  • Captives of the Script: Killing Us Softly with Phonics

    Richard J. Meyer

    Abstract: Presents a critical analysis demonstrating that scripted phonics programs hold student and teachers as curriculum hostages. Begins as an investigation into the uses of predictable texts to teach reading in primary classrooms. Discusses how the mandated program is so oriented to preciseness that the students are less willing to take risks as readers and writers.

    Keywords: Elementary, Assessment, Pedagogy, Research, Standards, Reading

  • Exemplary Fourth-Grade Teachers

    Richard L. Allington, Peter H. Johnston and Jeni Pollack Day

    Abstract: Suggests that good fourth-grade teaching is an expert activity--a complex activity that is not amenable to scripted materials, standardized lessons, or any one-size-fits-all plan for the organization of instruction. Shows that the 30 exemplary teachers discussed produce superior educational gains as measured on standardized achievement tests--not the most sensitive measures of complex achievement.

    Keywords: Elementary, Assessment, Research, Standards, Reading

  • Creating Learning Communities through Literacy

    April Watley and Janda Canalis

    Abstract: Presents a story of the collaboration of two educators who developed communities of learners in their own classroom contexts. Describes the experiences shared as they reflected, revised, and struggled to improve their own practice. Discusses their continual struggle with ways to fully engage all students in the community-building process.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literacy, Pedagogy, Professional Development

  • Providing Support for Dialogue in Literature Discussions about Social Justice

    Karla J. Moller

    Abstract: Teachers make important choices in discussion groups as they support children’s dialogue about social inequities.

    Keywords: Elementary, Diversity, Literacy, Literature, Pedagogy, Research, Reading

  • "What's Important When You're Six?"--Valuing Children's Oral Stories

    Nancy L.B. Csak

    Abstract: Explores what children would talk about if adults encourage them to talk, avoid dictating the topic, and just listen. Concludes that children told mostly about events that had just happened, and they nearly always put themselves into their stories.

    Keywords: Elementary, Language, Pedagogy

  • Misconceptions about a Curriculum-as-Inquiry Framework

    Jann Pataray-Ching and Mary Roberson

    Abstract: Attempts to strengthen the connection between theory and practice in the inquiry discussion. Presents three curricular perspectives prevalent today and situates inquiry curriculum among these perspectives. Addresses several critiques of inquiry curriculum. Provides scenarios and identifies the beliefs underlying these opposing perspectives in an attempt to articulate the connection between practice and theory.

    Keywords: Elementary, Assessment, Pedagogy

  • PROFILE: The Professional Legacy of Bill Martin Jr.

    Elizabeth Underwood Patterson

    Abstract: Interviews teacher and children's author Bill Martin, Jr. over a three-year period. Traces his early years before highlighting his professional milestones. Describes themes that emerged from this study of Bill's career.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literature

  • READING CORNER FOR EDUCATORS: Current Explorations

    Sonia Nieto with Yvonne Fariño and Barbara Tramonte

    Abstract: Considers some of the current and emerging issues in the language arts, and how they are reflected in professional books. Discusses three books with distinct themes that challenge conventional wisdom about literacy. Suggests that broadening the framework of literacy will make it more accessible and equitable for a wider range of children.

    Keywords: Elementary, Professional Development

  • READING CORNER FOR CHILDREN: Children's Literature Web Sites

    Junko Yokota and Mingshui Cai

    Abstract: Presents annotations of approximately 80 web sites that range in coverage from idiosyncratic and focused to diverse and comprehensive metasites. Notes categories of sites include: children's literature web guides; trade book publisher web sites; author/illustrator sites (metasites and individual); book review sources and teaching ideas; web sites with a multicultural focus; and children's literature discussion groups on the web.

    Keywords: Elementary, Technology

  • Thoughts from the Editors

    Jean Schroeder, Kathy Short, Gloria Kauffman, Sandy Kaser

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Index for Volume 79

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

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