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Language Arts, Vol. 79, No. 3, January 2002

Cover Art for Language Arts, Vol. 79, No. 3, January 2002

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Teaching ___ the Test a) to b) about c) against d) all the above

  • The Woodcrafters' City

    Rick Traw

    Abstract: Tells a story of woodcrafters' city as a metaphor for testing and learning in today's educational system. Considers the structure of organized education addressing standards, logic and science.

    Keywords: Assessment, Literacy, Elementary

  • Teaching to the Test?: Test Preparation in the Reading Workshop

    Donna Santman

    Abstract: A classroom teacher shares how she prepares her students for testing using genre study and problem-solving strategies as she struggles with questions about the role that tests play in schools and in children's lives.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Research, Reading, Middle

  • Teaching in a World Focused on Testing

    Aimee Buckner

    Abstract: Elementary educator Aimee Buckner keeps up with a network of teachers who don’t let high-stakes tests overshadow their professional judgment. She shares her personal resolution list in this article.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Research, Writing, Reading, Middle

  • Stories from the Shadows: High-Stakes Testing and Teacher Preparation

    Patricia A. Watson, Carolyn Davidson Abel, Jan Guidry Lacina, Vi Cain Alexander, and Karen Embry Mayo

    Abstract: Describes how a group of Texas teacher educators use story to examine their teaching decisions in the face of a test-driven curriculum. Notes that their stories reflect their responses to pressures to create curriculum that imitates the test rather than remaining learner-centered.

    Keywords: Assessment, Diversity, Pedagogy, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College, Professional Development

  • When Vision, Not Test Scores, Sets School Priorities

    Nan Youngerman

    Abstract: Questions if it is possible that any place still exists without pressure to teach to the test. Describes one school district that has been able to do so by creating a vision that allows educators to work as professionals.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Standards, Elementary, Middle, Secondary

  • Teaching True and To the Test in Writing

    Shelby Anne Wolf and Kenneth Paul Wolf

    Abstract: Focuses on what the authors have learned from six exemplary teachers of writing who teach within high-stakes teachers' classrooms and discussed with them and their students, their response to the reality of high-stakes testing is the need to "teach true and to the test in writing."

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Research, Standards, Writing, Elementary, Middle

  • Assessment through Conversation

    Danling Fu, and Linda L. Lamme

    Abstract: Presents conversations with parents, teachers, and children around portfolios that provide a better picture of a child's growth and understanding than standardized test scores ever can. Concludes that the involvement of students, teachers, and parents in conversation about children's literacy development brings the potential of a common vision and understanding of the writing curriculum.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Writing, Elementary

  • Poor Teaching for Poor Kids

    Alfie Kohn

    Abstract: Suggests that the most conspicuous victims of high-stakes testing are low-income minority children. Notes that families and educators are beginning to "engage in civil disobedience to rescue education from the current accountability fad." Concludes that it is very important to investigate whether the proposed response is likely to fix the problem or make it worse.

    Keywords: Assessment, Education Policy, Elementary

  • The Business Behind Testing

    Bess Altwerger and Steven L. Strauss

    Abstract: Considers the motives of corporate America regarding the standards and testing movement in education. Notes that the main objective of the Business Roundtable (a coalition of CEOs of the nation's largest corporations) is not quality education but the preservation of the competitiveness of corporate America. Discusses changes in workplace literacy demands.

    Keywords: Assessment, Literacy, Education Policy, Elementary


    Sonia Nieto, Jason G. Irizarry, and Cathy Luna

    Abstract: Discusses four books that provide critical information about the nature of high-stakes tests; the impact of these tests on teaching, learning, and students; the political issues surrounding high-stakes testing; and ways that educators can take informed action to appropriately respond to these tests.

    Keywords: Assessment, Education Policy, Elementary, Professional Development

  • READING CORNER FOR CHILDREN: Tests Faced by Children's Book Characters

    Junko Yokota and Mingshui Cai

    Abstract: Looks at testing from a broad perspective and selected works of children's literature in which the characters face tests of many kinds. Organizes books in the following ways: tests at school, tests of survival, tests of courage, tests of character, tests of relationships, and tests of extraordinary life hardships.

    Keywords: Assessment, Literature, Education Policy, Elementary

  • PROFILE: Jack Gantos: Journal Keeper Extraordinaire

    Cyndi Giorgis

    Abstract: Presents an interview with author Jack Gantos, whose career spans almost 25 years. Notes how he spoke passionately about his craft and about supporting emerging writers. Discusses how avid journaling is one technique that he uses that could benefit anyone.

    Keywords: Literature, Writing, Elementary

  • Thoughts from the Editors

    Jean Schroeder, Kathy Short, Gloria Kauffman, Sandy Kaser

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary


    Randy Bomer

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

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