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Language Arts, Vol. 78, No. 5, May 2001

Cover Art for Language Arts, Vol. 78, No. 5, May 2001

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Rewriting Writing

  • No Blood, Guns, or Gays Allowed!: The Silencing of the Elementary Writer

    Jenifer Jasinski Schneider

    Abstract: Shares interviews with elementary and middle school teachers that offer insight into how they respond to potentially controversial writing topics in an effort to understand their perspectives and beliefs about writing topics within their classrooms. Suggests that teachers need to ask challenging questions, acknowledge their biases, and get ready for anything the human mind can create.

    Keywords: Writing

  • Power, Identity, and Instructional Stance in Writers' Workshop

    Deborah Wells Rowe, Joanne M. Fitch, and Alyson Smith Bass

    Abstract: Explores how issues of power and identity are embedded within the cultures of a first-grade writing classroom. Explores the ways in which children's instructional stances-- their responses to the ways they are positioned as writers in the classroom--affect their literacy learning. Presents the theoretical and research contexts in which educator's observations are grounded.

    Keywords: Diversity, Pedagogy, Research, Writing, Elementary

  • Fruit of the Devil: Writing and English Language Learners

    Brett Elizabeth Blake

    Abstract: Suggests that, in order to re-invigorate writing in schools, educators need to remind themselves of the importance of the tools of the writing process to help them explore the distinct and multiple voices and texts. Presents samples of some of the "local literacies" that students in a migrant summer school camp produced in their writing.

    Keywords: Diversity, Language, Pedagogy, Writing, Elementary, Middle

  • Alma's Unfinished Play: Bilingual Playwriting in a Summer School Program

    Eileen Dugan Waldschmidt

    Abstract: Discusses one fourth-grade student's attempt to write a bilingual script, based upon a story told to her by her father,within the context of a bilingual playwriting project. Concludes that bilingualism needs to be seen as part of quality education for all students, not as compensatory education only for language minority students.

    Keywords: Diversity, Language, Literacy, Pedagogy, Elementary

  • Gender Identities and Self-Expression in Classroom Narrative Writing

    Shelley Peterson

    Abstract: Examines the ways in which the boys and girls in three fourth-grade classrooms used writing to perform gender roles. Notes that the characters in girls' narrative writing demonstrated more emotion and more prosocial behaviors (helping, sharing, empathizing), whereas characters in boys' narrative writing exhibited more aggressive behavior and engaged in more high-intensity, dangerous actions.

    Keywords: Diversity, Pedagogy, Writing, Elementary

  • Being "Social": Expanding Our View of Social Interaction in Writing Workshops

    Terry J. Burns

    Abstract: Draws on research in a fourth-grade classroom to show that teachers can teach composing strategies that encourage a variety of ways of interacting socially while writing. Sharesvarious views of social interaction and student choice in writing classrooms as a way of establishing support for exploration of the social interactions that occurred in this study.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Research, Writing, Elementary

  • Serving English Language Learners: Placing Learners Learning on Center Stage

    Cynthia Brock

    Abstract: Focuses on important background information for working with English language learners. Uses two vignettes to illustrate some important issues that teachers may wish to consider when making instructional decisions with their English language learners. Explores the best practices for working with English language learners.

    Keywords: Language, Pedagogy, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, College, Professional Development

  • Talking About Books: Supporting and Questioning Representation

    Jann Pataray-Ching and Stuart Ching

    Abstract: Takes up issues of representation, identity, and authenticity while sharing a list of Asian, Asian American, and Polynesian children's books. Encourages readers to use this list in constructing their multicultural classrooms while simultaneously reflecting on the issues complicating their own review processes. Summarizes eight children's books focusing on: connecting the past; preserving culture; and reinventing identity.

    Keywords: Literature, Reading, Elementary

  • Editors' Pages

    Sharon Murphy and Curt Dudley-Marling

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Talk, I Will Listen

    Claudia M. Reder

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Worlds of Words

    Jonathan Atkins

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary


    Catherine Dorsey-Gaines with review team

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

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