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Language Arts, Vol. 78, No. 1, September 2000

Cover Art for Language Arts, Vol. 78, No. 1, September 2000

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Pondering Purpose

  • Teaching beyond Once Upon a Time

    Darcy Ballentine and Lisa Hill

    Abstract: Argues that the purpose of teaching students to read includes challenging children to take up books that contain "dangerous truths." Discusses two such books: "Forged by Fire" by Sharon Draper and "The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963" by Christopher Paul Curtis. Includes children's statements regarding why they insist on being able to read good books about tough issues.

    Keywords: Literacy, Literature, Pedagogy, Reading, Elementary

  • Lisa and Her Mom: Finding Success in Reading the World

    Veda Pendleton McClain

    Abstract: Presents a case study of the "Coleman family" to examine support for literacy within an economically disadvantaged family, in which the child learned to value literacy and learned how to read very well despite the limited literacy abilities of the mother. Discusses ways teachers might help parents to support literacy growth at home and at school.

    Keywords: Literacy, Research, Reading, Elementary

  • Talking about "Real Stuff": Explorations of Agency and Romance in an All-Girls' Book Club

    Sally A. Smith

    Abstract: Examines six adolescent girls' talk around a young adult novel ("The Beggar's Ride" by T. Nelson). Reveals unexpected reading purposes: adolescent girls' reading for the combined purposes of agency and desire, exploring the fears and potentialities of being female and of the possibilities of autonomy.

    Keywords: Diversity, Literacy, Literature, Research, Reading, Elementary, Middle

  • What Really Counts in Early Literacy Lessons

    Barbara Comber

    Abstract: Examines three children's early experiences of school literacy lessons to consider what makes a difference in their relative success and failure during the first months of school. Argues that how, whether, and to what extent children take up what teachers make available to them is inextricably connected with the repertoires of practices and knowledges the children already possess.

    Keywords: Literacy, Pedagogy, Research, Elementary

  • Theory into Practice?: Reading against the Grain of Good Practice Narratives

    Mark Dressman

    Abstract: Reports results of a content analysis of 61 narratives of classroom practice that appeared in "Language Arts," volumes 69-74 (1992-1997), as a way of illustrating that narratives that include the twists and turns of practice are more powerful and persuasive than narratives that report only success.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Research, Elementary

  • Exploring Our Literacy Beliefs with Families

    Charlene Klassen-Endrizzi

    Abstract: Describes a workshop for parents of children enrolled in a four-week summer reading program for struggling readers. Discusses parents' views about literacy, their questions about a singular instructional focus, and their situation in the larger literacy community. Notes that radical change did not occur during the program. Argues that parents need continuous support as they shift their thinking about reading.

    Keywords: Literacy, Pedagogy, Research, Reading, Elementary, Professional Development

  • Entering and Opening the World of a Poem

    Charles A. Elster

    Abstract: Charles Elster highlights strategies that readers employ when they read and respond to poetry.

    Keywords: Literacy, Literature, Pedagogy, Research, Reading, Elementary, Professional Development

  • Touching the Heart: Books that Amplify Life

    Carol Gilles and Gennie Pfannenstiel

    Abstract: Describes 31 children's books that connect with children and illustrate the significance that books that amplify life can hold for young and old alike. Discusses books with language and illustrations that are compelling, and how stories and images work together. Describes how teachers and college students chose books and artwork to help themselves and a fifth-grade class deal with death.

    Keywords: Literature, Reading, Elementary, Middle

  • Editors’ Pages

    Sharon Murphy and Curt Dudley-Marling

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Letters to the Editor

    Timothy Rasinski, Rebecca Rymer, and Cheri Williams

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

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Posted By: 279739 on 3/10/2009 3:19:42 PM

When opening the article "talking about "real stuff" --- a different one opens - Touching the Hearts that amplify

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