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Language Arts, Vol. 74, No. 8, December 1997

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Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Anniversary of "Reading: A Psycholinguistic Guessing Game"

  • Putting Theory and Research in the Context of History

    Kenneth S. Goodman

    Abstract: Reflects on the author's (an influential educator and researcher) lifetime of research and teaching, and on the influence of his research on literacy education at this moment in history. States that he believes his work has made a difference because it has struck a chord in the minds of teachers.

    Keywords: Elementary, Pedagogy, Research

  • What Miscue Analysis Reveals about Word Recognition and Repeated Reading: A View Through the "Miscue Window"

    Prisca Martens

    Abstract: Explains repeated readings and the procedures involved. Looks at the reading miscues of a seven-year-old child over successive readings of a text to learn what miscue analysis reveals about repeated readings, fluency, and the word recognition view of reading.

    Keywords: Elementary, Assessment, Reading

  • Toward (Re)Defining Miscue Analysis: Reading as a Social and Cultural Process

    David Bloome and Alanna Rochelle King Dail

    Abstract: Asks what role miscue analysis might play and how it might be (re)defined, given a view of reading and writing as "complex human activitiestaking place in complex human relationships." Examines some of the original assumptions underlying miscue analysis, then redefines it by highlighting three aspects of reading and writing: intertextuality, reader stance, and reader identity.

    Keywords: Elementary, Assessment, Pedagogy, Reading

  • Offering the Olive Branch: The Rhetoric of Insincerity

    Steve Bialostok

    Abstract: Examines three previously published articles which call for compromise in the debate over reading instruction. Argues that the articles are misleading and have the potential to create fear of whole language and anti-whole language sentiment. Shows how the writers portray themselves as concerned educators grounded in "true science," and portray whole language supporters as uncompromising extremists.

    Keywords: Elementary, Assessment, Literacy, Pedagogy, Reading

  • PROFILE: Eloise Greenfield

    Rudine Sims Bishop

    Abstract: Profiles Eloise Greenfield. Reveals that Greenfield's early love of music echoes in both the form and content of her poetry and prose. Notes that her poems are marked by strong rhythms, expressions of emotion, and a strong sense of children, their voices, and the waystations on their journey through life.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literature

  • Beyond Decodable Texts—Supportive and Workable Literature

    Dorothy Watson

    Abstract: Language educator Dorothy Watson challenges the concept of decodable texts with a review of contemporary children's books that support reader's learning with predictable features. She discusses 38 children's books in relation to Kenneth Goodman's model of reading: predictable books as support for readers; text, lives, and other literature as support for inferencing and predicting; and curricular support for reading.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literacy, Literature, Reading

  • Editors’ Pages

    Abstract: Available in print version only.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Index for Volume 74

    Abstract: Available in print version only.

    Keywords: Elementary

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