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Language Arts, Vol. 74, No. 7, November 1997

Cover Art for Language Arts, Vol. 74, No. 7, November 1997

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Progressive Education In Conservative Times

  • A Fairy Tale about Teacher Research in Conservative Times

    Collaborative Acton Researchers for Democratic Communities

    Abstract: Notes the increasing influence of conservative politics on education at the local school board level. Offers a fairy tale written by a group of educators that raises questions about autonomy, control, and the need for participation in the context of the current conservative climate.

    Keywords: Administration, Research, Elementary, School-Community Relation

  • Creating Space for Discussions about Social Justice and Equity in an Elementary Classroom

    Andrew M.A. Allen

    Abstract: Discusses how the author uses his second-grade students' natural sense of fairness as a foundation for constructing an antiracist/antibias curriculum. Describes observations of students' reactions to particular classroom materials, his subsequent reflection on his teaching responses to the students' reactions, and how he is learning to become more aware of students' interest in equity issues.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Research, Elementary

  • When Values Clash: Learning from Controversy

    Susan M. Church

    Abstract: Describes a highly politicized controversy over banning books which caused much anxiety and anger in the school district in which the author worked. Discusses how it also generated reflection and conversation about how progressive public educators can best protect the rights of students, teachers, and parents.

    Keywords: Reading, Elementary, School-Community Relation

  • How Did/Do We Get There from Here? Being School District Leaders in Conservative Times

    Judie Thelen and Patricia M. Richardson

    Abstract: Traces the two authors' personal histories as administrators and school activists and offers advice to others interested in navigating the waters of educational reform during these conservative times.

    Keywords: Administration, Elementary, School-Community Relation

  • Believing in What's Possible, Taking Action to Make a Difference

    Ellen H. Brinkley, Connie Weaver, Pen Campbell, Marianne Houston

    Abstract: Describes how a group of teachers, librarians, and other citizens, concerned about attacks on curriculum and public education itself, formed a grass-roots group called Michigan for Public Education to advocate educational equality and excellence.Describes how they got started, why people got involved, and what they have learned. Offers recommendations for advocating a challenging, quality education for all students.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Elementary, School-Community Relation

  • Outstanding Nonfiction Choices for 1996

    Elaine Aoki, Julie Jensen, Richard M. Kerper, Ruth Nathan, Karen Patricia Smith, Myra Zarnowski (Guest Editor)

    Abstract: Presents substantial annotations of outstanding nonfiction books for children published in 1996, including the 1997 Orbis Pictus Award winner and three 1997 Orbis Pictus Honor books. Presents annotations of 14 other outstanding nonfiction titles, grouped in the following categories: understanding the natural world; looking critically at history; biography; and cultures and artifacts.

    Keywords: Literature, Reading, Elementary

  • 1997 Notable Children's Books in Language Arts (K-8)

    Notable Children's Books Committee

    Abstract: Presents brief annotations of 30 children's trade books published in 1996 considered to be outstanding for their enhancement of language awareness among students in grades K-8.

    Keywords: Literature, Reading, Elementary

  • 1997 Outstanding Educator in the Language Arts

    Marilyn Carpenter and Barbara Peterson

    Abstract: Presents an interview with Charlotte Huck. Includes such topics as what motivated her to set about helping to create the field of children's literature; her views on children's books and some of her favorites; and how her love of children's literature compelled her to become an author of children's books.

    Keywords: Literature, Elementary

  • Editors’ Pages

    Abstract: Available in print version only.

    Keywords: Elementary


    Catherine Dorsey-Gaines, Jose Adames, Deborah Allen, Polly Ashelman, Elizabeth Bauer, Vernell Conyers, Dani Holder, Rosalyn Lenhoff, et al.

    Abstract: Presents brief reviews, in roundtable discussion form, of seven professional books relating to the theme "being a progressive educator in conservative times" and spanning many topics encompassing how learning and different teaching styles and attitudes can influence what happens in and out of the classroom.

    Keywords: Elementary

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