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Language Arts, Vol. 74, No. 5, September 1997

Cover Art for Language Arts, Vol. 74, No. 5, September 1997

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Changing The Way We Think About Language Arts

  • Living a Literate Life

    Beth Berghoff

    Abstract: Offers a visual graphic, and textual autobiographical montage that explores living a literate life that includes being a teacher and a teacher educator.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literacy

  • Feeling Expressed: Portrait of a Young Poet

    Ann Phillips

    Abstract: Teacher researcher Ann Phillips studied the development of young African American poet Evania from grades five through eight. She advises that Evania has much to teach those who want to develop a meaningful agenda for language arts for the Twenty-First Century.

    Keywords: Elementary, Assessment, Literature, Research, Professional Development

  • Photo Essay Reading(s) . . .

    Linda Gambrell

    Abstract: A photo essay of readers.

    Keywords: Elementary, Reading

  • Frameworks for Learning: A Literacy Fable

    J. M. Wile

    Abstract: Describes the author's recent out-of-classroom experience which got him thinking about teaching, about school literacy experiences, and about the way that truly skillful teachers are probably the best listeners, who recognize their own skillfulness and are able to share their expertise with their students.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literacy, Pedagogy

  • Art as Literacy

    Peggy Albers

    Abstract: Challenges educators to consider the meaning-making potential of art. Explores how this was done in a middle school art classroom by examining the role of the teacher, students' enculturation in art, art as process, and reflection in art. Notes the risks involved when students sometimes create visual meanings that are racist, homophobic, or sexist.

    Keywords: Elementary, Middle, Literacy

  • Having an Experience in Five Acts: Multiple Literacies Through Young Children's Opera

    Pamela J. Rossi

    Abstract: Describes (in the form of an opera libretto in five acts) the experience of creating an opera in a first-grade bilingual classroom. Shows that literacy is not reading and writing, opera is not inaccessible, and art is not a frill. Finds that children made flexible use of sign systems and achieved some degree of bilingualism.

    Keywords: Elementary, Language, Literacy

  • Putting Language Back into Language Arts: When the Radical Middle Meets the Third Space

    Kris D. Gutierrez, Patricia Baquedano-Lopez and Myrna Gwen Turner

    Abstract: Discusses language and literacy learning, and some current language arts practices that warrant reconsideration. Describes and offers examples of the move away from oppositional discourses (set up by pedagogical debates) and to the "radical middle." Notes a move toward a third place where two normative patterns of interaction intersect, creating the potential for authentic interaction and learning to occur.

    Keywords: Elementary, Language, Literacy

  • Talking About Books: New Beginnings

    Kathryn Mitchell Pierce and Carol Gilles

    Abstract: Presents brief descriptions of 18 recent children's books that relate to the theme of New Beginnings, organized into three sections: Following a Dream, Out of Despair Comes Hope, and New Perspectives.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literature, Reading

  • Focus on Research: Historical Considerations

    Arlette Ingram Willis

    Abstract: Examines changes in the definitions and purposes of literacy that have evolved in response to changes in the history of the United States. Discusses literacy as a skill; literacy-as-school-knowledge; and literacy as a social and cultural construct. Argues for no singular history or definition of literacy, but rather multiple definitions, purposes, histories and paths to literacy.

    Keywords: Elementary, Literacy, Research

  • A Pedagogical Challenge

    Linda Wold

    Abstract: Poetry by Linda Wold.

    Keywords: Media Studies / Journalism

  • Editors’ Pages

    Abstract: Available in print version only.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • A Pedagogical Challenge

    Linda Wold

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • Letters to the Editors

    Abstract: Available in print version only.

    Keywords: Elementary

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