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Language Arts, Vol. 74, No. 2, February 1997

Cover Art for Language Arts, Vol. 74, No. 2, February 1997

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Things Electronic and Language Arts Education

  • Dear Readers

    William H. Teale

    Abstract: Letter to Language Arts readers from Bill Teale, LA editor.

    Keywords: Elementary

  • On the Road to Cultural Bias: A Critique of The Oregon Trail CD-ROM

    Bill Bigelow

    Abstract: Presents a critical review of "The Oregon Trail" CD-ROMs. Argues that "The Oregon Trail" is sexist, racist, culturally insensitive, and contemptuous of the earth, imparting bad values and wrong history. Suggests questions teachers can ask before choosing to use these materials, and offers classroom activities to develop students' critical computer literacy.

    Keywords: Literature, Elementary

  • The Game

    Carol A. Pepoli

    Abstract: Poetry by Carol A. Pepoli.

  • Inside "Reading Rainbow": A Spectrum of Strategies for Promoting Literacy

    Julie M. Wood and Nell K. Duke

    Abstract: Examines three episodes of the children's educational television show "Reading Rainbow." Finds that the program reflects prevailing beliefs about literacy development--it provides viewers with many experiences with print through exposure to quality children's literature and through modeling the use and enjoyment of literacy; employs effective literacy teaching strategies; and provides viewers with exposure to a range of literate discourses.

    Keywords: Literacy, Elementary

  • Ice Numbers and Beyond: Language Lessons for the Mathematics Classroom

    Phyllis E. Whitin and David J. Whitin

    Abstract: Describes inviting fourth-graders to use their own language to describe mathematical ideas, postponing the use of technical vocabulary so students can explain the significant concepts and ideas in their own way first. Discusses how this use of metaphorical language to teach math concepts can enliven student interest and understanding, and infuse math instruction with real-life validity.

    Keywords: Language, Elementary

  • Attack of the Killer Baby Faces: Gender Similarities in Third-Grade Writing

    Jay Simmons

    Abstract: Discusses how students of both sexes in a third-grade class used popular culture to scaffold their stories--they (1) aimed at audience reaction, often using argument and shock; (2) incorporated their favorite writers and curricular topics into their pieces; and (3) by year's end, merged the talents of both genders into a higher form of literacy.

    Keywords: Diversity, Writing, Elementary

  • Focus on Research: The Challenge of Change: Exploring Literacy and Learning in Electronic Environments

    Charles Kinzer and Donald J. Leu, Jr.

    Abstract: Describes the potential of multimedia and hypermedia technologies and explains how they can facilitate literacy teaching and learning. Discusses various software projects, showing how multimedia and hypermedia technologies are changing traditional definitions of literacy and learning. Describes new challenges for teachers to consider as access to the Internet and the World Wide Web becomes more widely available.

    Keywords: Technology, Elementary

  • Materials That Make the Mark Integrating Technology in the Classroom

    Linda McMillen, Sherrell Shanahan, Kathleen Dowd, Joyce Macphee, and Jennifer Hester

    Abstract: Offers reviews of resource materials, software, and websites intended to help teachers make sense of integrating technology in the classroom. Presents reviews of five resource books; four instructional software programs that purport to teach phonics; three software programs of interactive literature on CD-ROM; an interactive, multimedia CD-ROM program for assessing reading comprehension; and three language arts web sites.

    Keywords: Technology, Elementary

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