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English Leadership Quarterly, Vol. 40, No. 1, August 2017

Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Leveraging Librarians

  • Leveraging Librarians [FREE ACCESS]

    Oona Abrams, editor

  • Alohomora: Unlocking the Magic of Collaboration

    Sara Nelson, Tanvi Rastogi, and Jerri Heid

    Abstract: This article details an innovative collaboration between community librarians and literacy educators from a local university and the many benefits that arise from collaborations that draw upon the strengths of each group to advance community literacy. The highlighted collaborations include two projects: Battle of the Books and Harry Potter Battle of the Books. Each collaborative event offered numerous benefits to the library, university and the communities that they serve, including 1) creating a culture of readers, 2) supporting a sense of community, 3) promoting life skills, and 4) introducing diverse literature.

    Keywords: Reading, Learning, community engagement, collaborative, librarians

  • Librarians and Learning: The Impact of Collaboration [FREE ACCESS]

    Darcy McNee and Elaine Radmer

    Abstract: This article shares the results of action research conducted by a teacher-librarian in British Columbia. The findings highlight the value of intentional instruction in online search skills, especially in a collaborative model between the classroom teacher and the librarian. Among these findings: Students lack the skills they need to successfully navigate through online sources/ In an action research project to respond to this need in a middle school, mini-lessons were integrated into classroom research assignments. These were designed to engage students in authentic tasks, allow them to work collaboratively with their peers, and utilize their existing technological skills. The mini-lessons increased students’ skill level in a way that was meaningful and transferable. The impact of collaboration between the classroom teacher and the teacher-librarian were also examined. Collaboration led to a statistically significant higher level of student skill development in this area. Educational leaders at the school can promote this kind of collaboration by advocating for ample teacher-librarian FTE and time-table scheduling that provides flexibility to allow for effective collaboration. 

    Keywords: Reading, Collaborative Learning, community engagement, librarians

  • Collaboration and Capacity Building to Transform Evaluations of Text Complexity

    Marci Glaus, Tessa Schmidt, Laura Adams, and Barb Novak

    Abstract: This manuscript focuses on the collaboration among state level librarian, English language arts, and literacy leaders surrounding text selection, evaluation, and diverse voices in curriculum, including the continued need for a focus on diverse children’s and young adult literature, teachers and librarians working together for text selection purposes, including representation and diversity and critical literacy considerations in the evaluation of text complexity, the examination of young adult literature and creator/s of these texts, and cultivating spaces for students to see themselves and others in what they read, with permission to ask critical questions.

    Keywords: Reading, Reading Instruction, Collaborative Learning, student choice, Student-led Learning, librarians, culturally relevant teaching/CRT

  • Call for Manuscripts [FREE ACCESS]

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