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English Leadership Quarterly, a publication of CEL, the Conference on English Leadership, helps department chairs, K-12 supervisors, and other leaders in their role of improving the quality of English instruction. ELQ offers short articles on a variety of issues important to decision makers in the English language arts. (Published August, October, February, and April)


Editor:  Oona Abrams

Chatham High School, Chatham, New Jersey

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Production Editor: Pamela A. Crews, NCTE

Division Director, Publications: Kurt Austin, NCTE

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Theme: Digital Dilemmas and Delights

"It becomes vital to frame . . .  multimodal practices not as a replacement of/for traditional print-centric literacies but as a necessary companion. Sams & Warner, p. 7 

ELQ is now green only!

Beginning with the August 2015 issue, English Leadership Quarterly moved to an online-only format. Print subscribers, your ELQ subscription was automatically switched to an online format. As each new issue becomes available, NCTE will send an online journal announcement to the email address on file for you, which will provide a link to the online issue of ELQ. The online issue can be downloaded and printed or accessed from any mobile device. All ELQ subscribers will enjoy the improvements to content and format that moving ELQ fully online enables. We will now be able to include full-color graphics and live links to supplementary media and opportunities for discussion, making ELQ an even more dynamic publication than before. Look for bold, blue text indicating linked content and click!

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