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English Journal, Vol. 87, No. 2, February 1998

Cover Art for English Journal, Vol. 87, No. 2, February 1998

Table of Contents

  • Thinking and Doing Literature: An Eight-Year Study

    Judith Langer

    Abstract: Langer discusses her approach to researching the classrooms of teachers

    Keywords: Language, Literature, Pedagogy, Reading, Secondary

  • From Tripod to Cosmos: A New Metaphor for the Language Arts

    Lawrence A. Baines

    Abstract: Argues that the contemporary language arts curriculum encompasses eight areas: literature, language, composition, speech and drama, critical thinking, technology, media literacy, and interdisciplinary studies. Offers a rationale for "cosmos" as a new metaphor for the language arts. Discusses the content of each of the eight curricular areas, and provides a glimpse at some relevant texts and research.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Secondary

  • What's Hate Got to Do with It? Using Film to Address Hate Crimes

    Mikki Shaw

    Abstract: Advocates confronting controversial subjects in classrooms. Describes bringing hatred into the curriculum of a film study class. Articulates purposes and obstacles. Addresses how to handle tough topics and ways to introduce civil rights issues. Describes the final student project. States that students make a transition from consciousness to empowerment--to the solving of real problems in the real world.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Secondary

  • From Comfort Zone to Contact Zone

    John Gaughan

    Abstract: Who are your students and how do they engage in your class? How do you engage with them? In "From Comfort Zone to Contact Zone," John Gaughan gives us brief glimpses of three of his students in his classroom, of his teaching philosophy and how it's evolved, of his worries, of his search for answers.

    Keywords: Pedagogy, Research, Writing, Elementary, Secondary, Media Studies / Journalism, Professional Development

  • Performing Personal Narrative: Anna Deveare Smith's "Fires in tthe Mirror"

    Elizabeth M. Myers

    Abstract: Describes how Anna Deveare Smith's "Fires in the Mirror" can be adapted for the secondary level language arts classroom. Describes a storytelling exercise, and then describes the six stages of the project as students adapted personal narrative for performance: theme; obtaining the interview; the peer-editing workshop; preparing for the performance; final performance; and postperformance activity and conclusion.

    Keywords: Literature, Pedagogy, Secondary

  • Bridging the Gap: Integrating Video and Audio Cassettes into Literature Programs

    Kay Beth Avery, Charles W. Avery and Debra Partin Pace

    Abstract: Describes 12 practical activities that use video and audio cassettes to build bridges to printed texts, and thus ease students into analyzing complex ideas and into complex examinations of themes, symbols, and literary technique.

    Keywords: Literature, Secondary

  • Censoring Girls' Choices: Continued Gender Bias in English Language Arts Classrooms

    Beth Benjamin and Linda Irwin-DeVitis

    Abstract: Questions the nexus of girls' development, gendered practices in classrooms, and the nature of the English curriculum. Surveys participants in a summer literature discussion group and nearly 1,000 young adolescents. Discusses devaluing girls' intelligence; privileging male characteristics; understanding girls' silence; observing realities, opting for silence; making a difference in the world; and what teachers can do.

    Keywords: Diversity, Literature, Secondary

  • Silent Voices: What Happens to Quiet Students During Classroom Discussions?

    Jane S. Townsend

    Abstract: Offers a case study of three 11th-grade students who viewed tapes of their class discussions and commented on their own involvement. Argues that students are silent for wide-ranging reasons; that students who are quiet may be learning; and that teachers should consider multiple means to spur students' thinking. Lists ways to help students speak out.

    Keywords: Assessment, Pedagogy, Secondary

  • "Beyond Voices of Readers": A Dialogue Between Teachers

    Timothy J. Clutter and Jim Cope

    Abstract: Timothy J. Clutter critiques Jim Cope’s "Beyond Voices of Readers" from the March 1997 issue of English Journal and Jim Cope responds.

    Keywords: Literature, Pedagogy, Reading, Secondary

  • Rainbow Teachers/Rainbow Students: Billy's Story: Grammar in Context

    Gretchen Haddox

    Abstract: Shows how teaching grammar through writing can be a successful strategy. Points out the steps one teacher used in teaching a writing and grammar process with her sixth graders and illustrates its effectiveness, both with one high-risk student and also through a school disruption caused by fire.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • Teaching Ideas

    Abstract: Presents two brief articles--the first discusses purposes for using children's picture books in a secondary classroom, activities for children's literature, and integrating children's books into the classroom curriculum; and the second discusses using folktales in the classroom to engage reluctant readers and writers, suggests ideas/topics for folktale writing projects, lists writing prompts, and recommends folktales.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • Resources and Reviews: Literature For and By Teenagers

    Abstract: Describes and discusses four resources (one quarterly magazine and three books) which are compilations of writing (and sometimes artwork) of students in grades 6 through 12. Argues that these writings can help to engage students with literature, to explore new ideas, and perhaps to stretch their own wings further as they see new possibilities for themselves as both learners and writers.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • Global Issues: Teaching English in Lithuania

    Paul Slayton

    Abstract: Describes the author's summer spent in Lithuania helping Lithuanian teachers tackle real problems of teachers of English in Lithuanian schools. Discusses the needs of teachers in Lithuania, and mentions three ways that readers can be of assistance to Lithuanian English instruction personally, materially, or financially.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • New Teachers: A First Job on the Inside

    Kim Fontana

    Abstract: Describes the author's first teaching job as a reading teacher at a maximum security detention center for youthful offenders. Describes how the author shed some naivete on the way to learning that what students were primarily learning was trust--in themselves and in others.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • Software: Surfing the Internet: Sink or Swim!

    Ted Nellen

    Abstract: Offers and explains three pieces of advice for using the Internet in language arts classes: become a student (have students train teachers to use the Internet and have student interns in computer rooms to assist teachers); "morph into a cybrarian" (create an on-line library of World Wide Web links related to class projects); and empower students.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • Letters to EJ

    Abstract: Available in print version only.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • From the Editor

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • Bedside Table: Not Your Average Pop Fiction

    Steven T. McGill

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • This World of English

    Daniel A. Heller

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Secondary

  • One Person's Opinion: The Conversation

    Janene S. Hansen

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: Secondary

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