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English Education, Vol. 33, No. 2, January 2001

Cover Art for English Education, Vol. 33, No. 2, January 2001

Table of Contents

  • Toward a Theory of Genre in Teacher Research: Contributions from a Reflective Practitioner

    Patricia Lambert Stock

    Abstract: Argues that reflective practitioners use unfamiliar research methods and forums for publication, methods and forums that have not yet been recognized as legitimate or authorized to build the base of knowledge that informs their practice. Draws attention to the forms and forums in which reflective practitioners work.

    Keywords: College

  • Surprising Ourselves: Toward Truly Democratic Literacies and Methodologies

    Laura J. Roop

    Abstract: Considers new roles for English educators working toward advocacy, toward truly new knowledge, toward collaborative readings of culture and context, and away from hierarchies. Notes that educators must recognize that it will take everyone to create the educational systems that lead to truly democratic literacies.

    Keywords: College

  • Collaborative Teacher Education for the 21st Century

    Peg Graham and Sally Hudson Ross with Chandra Adkins, Dackie Callaway, Jerelyn Wallace, Janet Schwartz, and Karen Solheim

    Abstract: Describes the community of English educators in 2001. Considers individual and collective roles of English educators as modeling life-long learning for students, prospective teachers, and colleagues. Concludes that the vision of English educators in the 21st century must be locally constructed and rest upon the desires of participants to make teacher education a high priority in their professional lives.

    Keywords: College

  • Taking an Anthropological Stance: Implications for Supervising New Teachers

    Helen Duffy

    Abstract: Considers complex ways in which a student teacher negotiated her status and derived her authority in the multiple sites in which she worked as student, as apprentice, and as teacher. Illustrates the importance of encouraging teachers to adopt an "anthropological stance." Shows how teacher education is complicated by the layered nature of the work in universities and in field supervision.

    Keywords: College

  • Starting from Scratch

    Mark Larson

    Abstract: Presents ideas to better connect with students. Considers how teachers might think about questioning themselves and their experiences daily to find the answer to becoming the teacher every educator wants to be. Concludes that children are great learners because they modify and change what they already know to gain new knowledge.

    Keywords: College

  • Critical Conversations in Difficult Times

    Karen Smith

    Abstract: Recounts the author's effort to make critical literacy possible in explicit ways in a children's literature class. Concludes that it is necessary to deepen educators' understandings of what is meant by making critical literacy possible and to remind themselves daily how important this will be to preserving democratic ideas.

    Keywords: College

  • BookTalk: Books Matter

    Todd DeStigter

    Abstract: Shares with readers the responses of several teachers and teacher educators whom were asked to comment on some of the books that have been important to their work. Draws upon these comments to offer reading suggestions. Notes that expanding teachers' interests and attention offers the best hope of making books matter in a complex teaching world.

    Keywords: College

  • Conversations from the Commissions: CEE 2001: The Commission Odyssey Continues

    Carol A. Pope

    Abstract: Focuses on the history, nature, and accomplishments of the CEE (Conference on English Education) Commissions within the National Council of Teachers of English. Gives a sense of where the Commissions are headed in the new millennium.

    Keywords: College

  • Beginning Words: Our Vision for the Future of English Education

    Cathy Fleischer and Dana L. Fox

    Abstract: Abstract for this article is currently not available.

    Keywords: College


    Abstract: Available in print version only.

    Keywords: College

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