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College English, Vol. 65, No. 1, September 2002

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Table of Contents

Issue Theme: Lesbian and Gay Studies/Queer Pedogogies

  • Theorizing Queer Pedagogy in English Studies after the 1990s

    William J. Spurlin

    Abstract: Considers how in the contemporary world, queer theory mediates in culture between normative ideologies and material practices, between intellectual inquiry and social activism, between text and context, between teaching and learning. Presents an introduction for this special issue, noting that the essays collected represent pedagogical interventions that are theoretically informed by queer scholarship.

    Keywords: College, Pedagogy

  • Dis/Integrating the Gay/Queer Binary: "Reconstructed Identity Politics" for a Performative Pedagogy

    Karen Kopelson

    Abstract: Explores some queer and performative objections, challenges, and counterproposals to the identity-based pedagogies still dominating composition studies and closely related fields, bringing to the foreground pedagogies that take the instability of identity as a starting point and move toward even greater deconstruction. Proposes a tentative theoretical (re)solution that dis/integrates the binary underlying these "two" approaches to praxis.

    Keywords: College, Pedagogy

  • Tales of the City: Marginality, Community, and the Problem of (Gay) Identity in Wallace Thurman's "Harlem" Fiction

    David R. Jarraway

    Abstract: Incites inquiry as to how modern American literature reflects on the problem of identity. Spotlights the contribution to modern American writing by Wallace Thurman's "Harlem" fiction. Endeavors to link a racial imperative to a sexual imperative by means of a current theoretical discourse surrounding notions of city and community life.

    Keywords: College, Literature

  • Out in the Academy: Heterosexism, Invisibility, and Double Consciousness

    David L. Wallace

    Abstract: Provides a mini-autoethnography of three institutional moments in which the author saw a set of conditions that invited him to speak or write as a gay academic to make political interventions in dominant culture. Explores three important issues that are often unacknowledged in everyday discussions of homosexuality: exposing heteronormativity as heterosexism, moving beyond invisibility, and the trap of "double consciousness."

    Keywords: College, Social Justice / Activism

  • Befriending the Medieval Queer: A Pedagogy for Literature Classes

    Richard E. Zeikowitz

    Abstract: Analyzes Grendel ("Beowulf"), the Green Knight ("Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"), and the Pardoner ("The Canterbury Tales"). Notes that they are all "queer" characters in that they are not typical men of the time and they all pose a challenge or threat to normative homosocial desire. Suggests that traditional readings of these characters have obscured their disruptive queerness.

    Keywords: College, Literature, Pedagogy

  • Secret Sins of the Orient: Creating a (Homo)Textual Context for Reading Byron's The Giaour

    Jeffrey L. Schneider

    Abstract: Focuses on the way sexual excesses inscribed in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Oriental discourses served to open up "queer" spaces in Romantic literature, while analyzing the degree to which the master narrative of British colonial domination was in part dependent on narratives of the sexual degeneracy of the Other. Focuses on Byron's "The Giaour" to illustrate the workings of "homotextuality."

    Keywords: College, Reading

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