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Knowledge-Based Governance

The NCTE Executive Committee follows the principles of knowledge-based governance, a decision-making model that encourages careful study of relevant information and full dialogue and deliberation about the consequences of action before policy is established. When contemplating an issue, we ask:
  • What do we know about how this issue may affect our members and stakeholders?
  • What do we know about how trends--educational, demographic, economic, or cultural--are changing this issue? 
  • What do we know about NCTE's capacity to act, alone or in alliance with others, on this issue?
  • What are the ethical dimensions of our choices?

Executive Committee

Members are elected to the NCTE Executive Committee each spring, for terms ranging from two to four years. The job of the executive committee is to:

  • establish priorities and direction for the Council,
  • make policy,
  • provide administrative oversight, and
  • model leadership practices that are consistent with our mission and values.


Field Notes from Emily Kirkpatrick, NCTE Executive Director

May 9, 2017 -- It’s pretty rare that we have the opportunity to reconnect with the teachers who most inspired us to become the adults we are now, but for so many people I talk to, those life-changers were English or language arts teachers. I believe this is because, as language builders, these teachers are so intimately connected to the becoming of students. They help their students turn their internal dreams, ideas, passions, and curiosities into communicated thoughts that will shape the stories of their future. More.


As described in the NCTE Constitution and By-laws, the Executive Committee shares public policy-making responsibility with the NCTE Board of Directors (BOD), a group consisting of affiliate leaders, journal editors, committee chairs, and conference leaders from NCTE's many constituencies. The NCTE BOD meets at the NCTE Annual Convention

Annual Reports is a central document of record for NCTE activities for the year and includes written reports submitted by officers, editors, and leaders of NCTE's many active subgroups.

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1929: Rewey Belle Inglis became the first female president of NCTE; click here for more Centennial information!


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