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What is RSS?

"RSS" can stand for several different things, including Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, and RDF Site Summary. 

RSS is basically a 'feed" of information from a website.  Rather than visiting a website to look for new content, an RSS feed will send the new content directly to you.

Additional information can be found on Wikipedia and

What feeds are available on the NCTE site?

Feeds are available on every page of the NCTE site.  We recommend that you subscribe to the main page for any of the areas or topics that interest you.  For example, elementary educators might subscribe to the feed on the Elementary webpage.  Those looking for information about our Annual Convention should subscribe to the feed on the Annual Convention webpage.  If you want an overview of all of the feeds throughout the NCTE website, simply subscribe to the main feed on the homepage.  That feed compiles all of the items published to other feeds and provides a comprehensive list.

How do I use RSS?

You'll need an RSS reader before you can use RSS feeds.  Outlook 2007 and Internet Explorer 7 both have RSS readers built into them.  For a list of readers and programs that contain readers, visit Wikipedia.

How do I view an NCTE RSS feed?

In the upper, right side of your screen you'll see the orange RSS icon with "RSS" directly to the right of it.  Click on either the icon or the "RSS" to view the feed for that page. 

Some browsers will also display the RSS icon if they detect an RSS feed on a page.  In those instances, you can also simply click on the icon in your browser's toolbar.

How do I subscribe to an NCTE RSS feed?

The way to subscribe to a feed depends on the feed reader that you choose to use.  If you view the feed page in your web browser, however, you can look for a "subscribe to this feed" link near the top of your page.  They generally appear within a yellow box.  Simply click on that "subscribe" link and follow the directions you see in your browser.


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