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What are the benefits of integrating literacies across the content areas?

"Research shows that when schools create explicit spaces for students and teachers to discuss the overlap and the differences among disciplinary literacies, teachers become more effective, and students develop new ways of representing and generating knowledge." (From the Literacies of Disciplines: An NCTE Policy Research Brief)

NCTE Pathways Professional Development Program

Adolescent Literacy Pathways is an online professional development opportunity for teachers, coaches, and administrators to develop understanding and skills in content literacy area instruction.  Essential questions, video clips, related readings, and tools for classroom application guide individuals or groups in an investigation of how to increase achievement levels of all students.


NCTE Books

New Visions for Linking Literature and MathematicsFor over seventy-five years, NCTE has published resources for teachers' professional development at every level, elementary through college.  NCTE books focus on current issues and problems in teaching, research findings and their application to classrooms, ideas for teaching all aspects of English, and other topics.  NCTE offers several books on content area literacy for K-12 educators. 

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NCTE Web Seminars

On Demand Web seminarsOn Demand Web Seminars are a convenient and meaningful form of professional development.  They provide the recorded version of the virtual event and include all audio, video, chat discussion, and actions within the presentation.  On Demand Web seminars on content area literacy include:

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Consulting Network

NCTE offers consultants who specialize in content area literacy instruction and are available to present one-day or multi-day presentations or provide year-round consulting.  All workshops and presentations can be customized to meet your specific needs.   


Related NCTE Policy Briefs

Literacies of Disciplines: An NCTE Policy Research Brief
Published in The Council Chronicle (Sept 2011)

Reading and Writing across the Curriculum: An NCTE Policy Research Brief
Published in The Council Chronicle (March 2011)


Lesson Plans offers several strategy guides on Reading in the Content Areas, where readers can get information and ideas about teaching reading in the different content areas.  Two topics covered are “Preparing Students for Success with Reading in the Content Areas” (M-S) and “Supporting Student Comprehension in Content Area Reading” (M-S).


NCTE Journals

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NCTE members enjoy online access to ALL journals published more than two years ago!

Document and Site Resources

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