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Answers to your questions related to how to contract with NCTE for Consulting Services, what to expect when you have booked an onsite workshop, and consultant qualifications can be found here. 

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How to Contract With NCTE for Consulting Services

Q:  What happens after I complete the Request Professional Services form? 
A:  An NCTE Professional Learning Specialist will reply to you to recommend resources and services based on your needs and goals and provide a cost estimate.  This might include consulting services along with print or online resources that would compliment the onsite workshop and allow you to extend teachers' learning.  Schools are responsible for paying travel costs for onsite consulting services in addition to quoted consulting fees.   

Q:  Can onsite presentations be customized to meet my specific needs?  
A:  Yes, we will work with you to customize the presentation to match your specific needs.  The consultant and/or NCTE representative will work with your school to determine the best materials for your school, district, or region.

Q:  What happens after we decide to book an onsite workshop through NCTE's Consulting Services?
A:  After a school decides to move forward with booking an onsite workshop on a particular topic, NCTE staff will send a contract outlining the agreed-upon services and costs.  If a school has a contract they prefer to use for professional learning services, we are happy to review your contract and determine if we can use that instead.  If requested, travel costs can be estimated and included in the contract as well.  Once both parties have signed the agreed-upon contract, NCTE will provide the school with contact information for the consultant who will be working with them so the consultant and school representative can communicate and begin to plan the content and logistics related to the onsite workshop.  Consultants make their own travel arrangements. 

Q:  When will we be required to pay the consulting and travel fees?
A.  Within two weeks of the onsite workshop NCTE will collect travel receipts from the consultant and an invoice will be sent at that time for the consulting fees and documented travel costs.  The invoice is payable within 30-days of receipt.    

After Contracting

Q:  How do I communicate with the consultant? 
A. We recommend you communicate via e-mail and/or phone with the consultant to further explain your needs and expected outcomes for the onsite workshop.  Once a contract is signed, we will provide you with the consultant's preferred contact information. 

Q.  Does NCTE offer anything to make sure the visit is more than a “sit and get” professional development experience?
A.  We will help you consider resources ideal for meeting your professional learning needs and goals.  These resources might include books, online learning investigations or courses, Web seminars,  NCTE journal issues or subscriptions, and membership into our organization.  

Q:  Can the consultant be available for a follow-up visit?
A.  If possible, we recommend you consider holding multiple onsite workshops to allow for a more extended learning experience as part of best practices in professional development.  You might schedule a multi-day workshop or hold several one-day workshops throughout the year.   NCTE Consultants can also be available in an online forum before and/or after an onsite workshop to answer questions, give feedback, and facilitate any discussions (for an additional fee).

Consultant Qualifications

Q:  How qualified are NCTE Consultants?  What qualities must they possess?
A.  Potential applicants are evaluated based on the following criteria. 
All applicants must: 

  1. Possess sophisticated subject matter expertise and experience with teaching practices that help diverse student populations excel.
  2. Have the necessary consulting skills to successfully lead workshops, presentations, or act as a consultant for classroom teachers, staff developers, and other school leaders.  Applicants must demonstrate their ability to consult by submitting artifacts of their work.  Artifacts include handouts or evaluations from a workshop; a listing of presentations (with years to show multiple visits) and previous consultations; and journal articles or newsletter articles. 
  3. Demonstrate alignment with NCTE’s Core Values, and appropriate NCTE guidelines or policy statements through membership and professional activities. 
  4. Participate in on-going professional development opportunities and continue to learn and grow as a professional and practitioner in English language arts.
  5. Commit time to NCTE’s Professional Development Network, providing advice about future product and service development and general support for NCTE membership and participation.

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