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Building Classroom Community

August 17, 2014, #nctechat with guest hosts Karen Terlecky (@karenterlecky)
and Lee Ann Spillane (@spillarke)
#nctechat archive 

Tim Oldakowski @RetroTimO   i videotape each student introducing themselves to learn names as quickly as possible. both in high school and college. 


Scott Jones @escott818   A2: I have always started the year w/ creating a mission statement with my students. Here is last years:  

Lisa Storm Fink @fink_girl      Here's a fun RWT lesson inviting students to write an owner's manual for their classroom.



@tara_smith5   Storytelling is great! We also write "Where I'm From" poems.

See Creating Classroom Community by Crafting Themed Poetry Collections from ReadWriteThink.


@TchrAnnie @tara_smith5   This year I'm trying an additional version where Ss write "Where I'm From" from a character's perspective.  

See Creating Character Blogs from ReadWriteThink. 


Brett Vogelsinger @theVogelman  I enjoy having students write an " autobiography of a reader" to share memorable reading moments w/ each other.

See Developing a Living Definition of Reading in the Elementary Classroom and  Developing a Definition of Reading through Investigation in Middle School from ReadWriteThink.


 Cynthia Sime @csime28   this is our promise:

See   Creating Class Rules: A Beginning to Creating Community from ReadWriteThink.


Lee Ann Spillane @spillarke   I love that idea. I do a year end reflection piece that has Ss share lessons as readers, writers, etc.

See "Bringing the Year Together: The Digital Process Portfolio" from NCTE.   


Tracy Kriese@mrskriese106   Like the idea of making wordle from getting-to-know-you data, then posting in class blog.

 See "What's In a Wordle?" from NCTE.   


Lee Ann Spillane@spillarke   A6: I love Math Curse by @Jon_Scieszka as an opening read aloud to frame everything as a problem that can be solved. 

See Solving the Math Curse: Reading and Writing Math Word Problems from ReadWriteThink.


Kristen Nielsen@nielsen_kristen   A6 In AP Lit., I begin the year with curiosity, satire, & Alice in Wonderland. The Butter Battle Book later as allegorical model.

See From Dr. Seuss to Jonathan Swift: Exploring the History behind the Satire from ReadWriteThink.


Kristen Nielsen@nielsen_kristen   A6 My freshmen & I will begin with reading & writing "My Name" from The House on Mango Street for community building.

Lisa Storm Fink@fink_girl   Here's a ReadWriteThink lesson plan using that that text.


One question during the chat was about room set up an several folks shared links to their rooms:


Deb Day @mrsday75

A2 Set up a room for ease of collaboration. Here's my tour … #nctechat



Here are some links that members and others posted:

Anna J. Roseboro @ajr1206

Learn about students as they write about own names.Use essays,memoirs,stories as models, 


Cynthia Sime @csime28

#nctechat I also choice children's lit. to teach social skills. …


JudyArzt @JudyArzt

Sharing resource came across: Back-to-School Countdown: How to Build Classroom Culture 


JudyArzt @JudyArzt

Another resource: 8 Back-to-school classroom activities that will get students laughing & learning  #nctechat


Cheryl Mizerny @CherylTeaches

@NerdgirlAZ @KevinMEnglish I write about community a lot on my blog. #nctechat …


Scott Jones @escott818

After a vacation to Spain last year, I wrote a blogpost about my thoughts on classroom culture. … #nctechat


karen terlecky @karenterlecky

Great post from @katsok about getting rid of teacher desk: … #nctechat


karen terlecky @karenterlecky

Love this post from @paulwhankins about connecting with a reader on the first day of English class:  #nctechat


Melissa Guerrette @guerrette79

I compiled 10 of my fav community building PBs here: … @tara_smith5 @CBethM #nctechat #pb10for10


karen terlecky @karenterlecky

Another great post about setting up your classroom - ask "why" from @annmariecorgill - … #nctechat


karen terlecky @karenterlecky

A post I wrote 4 yrs ago that still holds true for me about classroom setup: … #nctechat


Carol Varsalona@cvarsalona

@drshaunamayo @guerrette79 @SaraStaten Embedded in post Resiliency in Face of Failure- … for #leadershipday14 #nctechat


Justin Stygles@JustinStygles

If interested, I think @guerrette79 has a copy of an article we wrote with a colleague about setting up reading communities #njcte #nctechat

               Melissa Guerrette@guerrette79

Article about building (specifically reading) communities:  from @JustinStygles @MsFelt1 & my #ncte13 pres. #nctechat



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