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Books That Changed My Life 

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#nctechat Archive

May 15, 2016: The Power of Vulnerability in Our Schools and Classrooms 

April 17, 2016: Politics and Language: Teaching Critical Literacy in an Election Year with guest hosts Frank Baker (@fbaker) & Kaitlin Popielarz (@KaitPopielarz)

March 20, 2016:  Everyday Advocacy 
with guest hosts from the Eastern Michigan Writing Project Teacher Advocacy Group
See this website for more on teacher advocacy.

February 21, 2016:  The African American Read-In: Celebrating and Supporting African American Writers 
with guest hosts Mila Fuller (@MilaFuller) and Michelle Rankins (@MichelleRankins)
See this blog post about the chat

January 17, 2016:  Beyond the Screen: Multimedia in the Classroom 
with guest hosts from the Studies in Literacies and Multimedia Assembly of NCTE
See this blog post about the chat.



December 20, 2015:  Best of 2015:  Literacy Highlights from the Year That Was 

See this blog post about the chat.

November 15, 2015:  Promoting Responsibility, Creativity, and the Arts of Language
with guest hosts Sandy Hayes (@sjhayes8) and Sarah Gross (@thereadingzone)
See this blog post about the chat.

October 18, 2015:  NCTE's National Day on Writing: #WhyIWrite: Exploring Writing Habits of Mind 
See this blog post about the chat.

September 20, 2015:  "Say YA to Reading"
with guest hosts Jennifer Buehler (@ProfBuehler) & Matt de la Peña (@mattdelapena)
See this blog post about the chat.

August 16, 2015:  "The Power of the PLN"
with guest hosts JoEllen McCarthy (@JoEllenMcCarthy) & Tony Sinanis (@TonySinanis)
See this blog post from JoEllen.

July 19, 2015:  "Exploring the NCTE Beliefs about the Teaching of Writing"
with guest hosts Michelle Haseltine (@Mhaseltine) & Mitch Nobis (@MitchNobis)
See this blog post from Michelle and Mitch.

June 21, 2015:  "Refresh, Recharge, Renew: Summertime as Growth for Teachers"
with guest hosts Shawna Coppola (@ShawnaCoppola) & Lisa Fink (@fink_girl)
See this blog post from Shawna and Lisa and this follow-up blog post from Lisa.

May 17, 2015Reading in the Digital Age
with guest hosts Bill Bass (@billbass) & Franki Sibberson (@frankisibberson)
See this blog post from Bill and Franki.

April 19, 2015What Is the Role of Poetry in Literacy Learning?
with guest hosts Janet Wong (@janetwongauthor) & Mary Lee Hahn (@MaryLeeHahn)
See this blog post from Janet and Mary Lee.

March 15, 2015What Does It Mean to Advocate for Literacy? 
with guest hosts Ernest Morrell (@ernestmorrell) & Darren Cambridge (@dcambrid)

February 15, 2015How Should Literacy Learning Be Assessed? 
with guest hosts Zanetta Robinson (@ZanettaRobinson) & Scott Filkins (@scottfilkins) 

January 18, 2015:  The African American Read-In: Celebrating 25 years of encouraging diversity in literature
with guest hosts David Kirkland (@davidekirkland) & Nicole Warchol (@MsNWarchol)



December 21, 2014:   Your Year in Stories

November 17, 2014:  on #engchat -- NCTE Annual Convention for first-time attendees and veterans 

November 16, 2014:  NCTE Annual Convention Discussion of the Literacy Landscape Storytelling Project 

October 19, 2014:  Write My Community  
with guest hosts Ben Kuhlman (@bkuhl2you) and Jose Vilson (@TheJLV)

September 21, 2014:  Comics and Graphic Novels in the Classroom 
with guest hosts Laura Jimenez (@booktoss) and Matthew Holm (@mattholm)

August 17, 2014:  Building Classroom Community 
with guest hosts Karen Terlecky (@karenterlecky) and Lee Ann Spillane (@spillarke)
See this page of Tweets, photos, and links to blogs that were shared during the chat!

July 20, 2014:  Teacher as Writer
with guest hosts Kevin English (@KevinMEnglish) and Cindy Minnich (@CBethM)
Watch the group writing take shape after Kevin and Cindy give participants a writing prompt to start the chat.

June 22, 2014:  Summertime Professional Learning 
with guest hosts Nicholas Provenzano (@thenerdyteacher) and Holly Mueller (@MuellerHolly)

May 18, 2014:  The Sweet Spot of Summer Reading 
with guest hosts Kelly Gallagher (@KellyGToGo) and Donalyn Miller (@donalynbooks)

April 13, 2014:  Valuing Poetry in the Common Core Era  
with guest hosts Paul Hankins (@PaulWHankins) and Cynthia Alaniz (@utalaniz)
*See this related professional reading from 360 Degrees of Text: Using Poetry to Teach Close Reading and Powerful Writing by Eileen Murphy Buckley.

March 16, 2014:   The Importance of Professional Collaboration 
with guest hosts Meenoo Rami (@meenoorami) and Chris Lehman (@iChrisLehman)

February 16, 2014:  Formative Assessment That Truly Informs Instruction
with guests hosts Franki Sibberson (@frankisibberson) and Antero Garcia (@anterobot)

January 19, 2014:  Digital Learning in the Classroom 
with guest hosts Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax) and Troy Hicks (@hickstro)



December 15, 2013:  Bringing Convention Back to Your Classroom

November 17, 2013:  NCTE Annual Convention: First-Timers & Veterans

October 20, 2013:  National Day on Writing,
with guest hosts Katherine Sokolowski (@katsok) and Penny Kittle (@pennykittle)

September 22, 2013:  Banned Books Week
with guest hosts Teri Lesesne (@professornana) and Laurie Halse Anderson (@halseanderson)

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