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America's schools and colleges will welcome back large numbers of students this fall. NCTE has resources, lesson plans, and activities to support you now and throught the year. 


Agency in the Age of Peer ProductionAgency in the Age of Peer Production
This study tracks the ebb and flow of power, gift giving, and collaboration in a community of university writing teachers, illuminating the impact of peer-production technologies on power relations. This book is part of the Studies in Writing & Rhetoric (SWR) series.



Redesigning Composition for Multilingual RealitiesRedesigning Composition for Multilingual Realities
Starting from the premise that “multilingualism is a daily reality for all students—all language users,” Jay Jordan proceeds to both complicate and enrich the responsibilities of the composition classroom as it attempts to accommodate and instruct a diversity of students in the practices of academic writing. This book is part of the Studies in Writing & Rhetoric (SWR) series.


Thumbnail for College Credit for Writing in High School: The "Taking Care of" BusinessCollege Credit for Writing in High School: The "Taking Care of" Business
Editors: Kristine Hansen, Christine Farris
this collection explores various options that students have for "taking care of" the first-year college writing requirement, including AP tests, concurrent enrollment/dual-credit courses, the International Baccalaureate diploma, and early college high schools.


Thumbnail for What Is “College-Level” Writing? Volume 2: Assignments, Readings, and Student Writing SamplesWhat Is “College-Level” Writing? Volume 2: Assignments, Readings, and Student Writing Samples 
Editors: Patrick Sullivan, Howard Tinberg, Sheridan Blau
This sequel to What Is “College-Level” Writing? (2006) highlights the practical aspects of teaching writing.  By design, the essays in this collection focuses on things all English and writing teachers concern themselves with on a daily basis--assignments, readings, and real student writing.


Thumbnail for Teaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and CollaborationsTeaching Writing in High School and College: Conversations and Collaborations
Editor: Thomas Thompson
What can teachers do to prepare high school students to write effectively in college? Thomas C. Thompson has compiled an illuminating collection of encouraging narratives and studies suggesting that secondary–postsecondary partnerships and exchanges can significantly improve students’ ability to succeed at college-level writing tasks.




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