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Reading/Writing Workshop - Previous Revision

Teaching used to be easy. Spend a few hours planning; consult the teacher’s manual and curriculum guide; sprinkle in differentiation; make sure to hit all learning styles; assign projects and papers. Repeat. Why was I teaching the way I had been taught? From time to time I’d wonder if there was a better way—then I started searching for a better way. Lucking upon a conference by Nancie Atwell was my deliverance. Yeah, said that little voice, it works for her! You teach 100! It’ll never work! Then a one-week internship at the Center for Teaching and Learning

It was like watching God teach. 

Now I have to work hard every second of every class, plan constantly, really know my kids, and decide what they need next. What’s changed? I turn to master teachers, reflection, and research. I let the students guide the next step, not the manual. I WORK. And I love it.

--Carey Fox, Highland Middle School, Libertyville, Illinois
12 years of teaching

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In the Middle: New Understandings about Writing, Reading, and Learning, Second Edition by Nancie Atwell
First published in 1987, In the Middle has been widely hailed for its honest examination of how teachers teach, how students learn, and the gap that lies between. In the second edition, Atwell reflects on the next 10 years of her experience, rethinks and clarifies old methods, and demonstrates new, more effective approaches.

"Using the Internet in Reading and Writing Workshop," School Talk, April 1999.
Classroom teachers Cora Lee Five and Marie Dionisio discuss the potential use of the World Wide Web to support reading and writing workshop.

Writing Workshop, The: Working through the Hard Parts (And They're All Hard Parts) This book is a practical, comprehensive, and illuminating guide for both new and experienced teachers that confronts the challenges of the writing workshop head-on.

Writing Workshop Kit
Explore issues of day-to-day instruction, classroom management, assessment and evaluation with this kit featuring the best-selling books Wondrous Words and Writing Workshops: Working Through the Hard Parts (And They're All Hard Parts).

NCTE Beliefs About the Teaching of Writing
This NCTE guideline, approved in November 2004, with full recognition that writing is an increasingly multifaceted activity, offers several principles that should guide effective teaching practice.  

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