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Conference on English Leadership State Liaisons - Previous Revision

Featured State Liaison:  Steve Peha, North Carolina, CEL member:

"Attending my first CEL conference this year was a delight. Getting to speak at the conference was an honor. But meeting the people was truly a special experience that I don’t think I’ve ever had before at a professional conference. I had for years attended NCTE but only this year discovered CEL. While NCTE has always been an interesting conference for me, I built much deep connections with CEL members on things that really matter like values, beliefs, large scale change, school culture, and technology. Everyone I met at CEL seemed deeply involved with true instructional leadership and the furtherance of our profession. All conferences offer a few valuable programs. But the value at CEL is in the people who attend and the time we have to spend together. Of the many conferences I attended in 2013, CEL was the most enjoyable, the most illuminating, and the most inspiring."

Steve Peha
Founder, Teaching That Makes Sense

CEL State Liaisons
January 2014






Robin Bynum


Karen Conn Mitcham


Maydie Bombart


Washington D.C.

Primas, Elizabeth


Padilla, David


Wanda Porter


McCulley, Tom



Schwarze, Janice


Jones, Darolyn


Whealdon, Whitney


Janetta Jayman


Bono, Nina

See EC Directory


Skeeters, Keri


Quinlan, Ann Marie

New Jersey

Recine, Tracy

New Jersey

Weinthal, Edie

North Carolina

Peha, Steve


Blystone, Jane


Sterling, Genny


Hultberg, Gordon


Bey, Doris

Washington, DC

Taylor, Alison Blair


Nelson, Katherine


Scott, Tom


Delbridge, Karen


CEL State Liaison Program

Challenging economic times compel us to work efficiently, complementing one another’s efforts and sharing resources. CEL strives to maintain close ties to state affiliates and CEL members through the work of state level CEL Liaisons. 
CEL State Liaisons will

  • promote CEL at state/regional affiliate functions;
  • make personal contacts with state leaders, encouraging them to join CEL;
  • facilitate communication and cooperation between CEL and leaders of state affiliates;
  • provide updates on CEL and obtain information about issues and trends that state affiliates are facing; and
  • provide an annual report submitted to the CEL Associate Chair and shared with other state liaisons at the annual meeting.


  • The CEL Associate Chair and a CEL member appointed by the Chair will coordinate this initiative.
  • The CEL Associate Chair will oversee this program.
  • Selection of the liaisons will be the responsibility of the Coordinators.
  • Large states and populous states may have multiple liaisons.
  • The length of term of the liaison(s) is indefinite.
  • Coordinators will hold a meeting of the liaisons at the CEL Annual Convention.
  • The Nominations Chair will also attend this meeting.

Qualification for CEL State Liaisons

  • active participation in CEL
  • connection to NCTE affiliate leaders or other state literacy leaders
  • willingness to serve

Benefits to the CEL State Liaisons

  • receive recognition at the convention;
  • be listed on the CEL website;
  • receive a certificate of commendation;
  • receive a letter of commendation recognizing the liaison’s contribution to CEL.


Interested in becoming a CEL State Liaison? 
email us today!


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