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The Conference on English Leadership (CEL) welcomes all those concerned with language arts leadership.  CEL members include English/language arts leaders at all levels: classroom teachers, department heads, language arts coordinators, supervisors, consultants, resource teachers, principals, directors of instruction, college and university English educators, affiliate leaders and other exercising formal or informal leadership in their schools, districts, or states.  

Leaders in the language arts face similar challenges every day.  Some are common to any leader; others are unique to the language arts, involving special responsibilities and knowledge.

Since 1970, CEL has assisted language arts leaders in sharing mutual problems and insights, exchanging resources, seeking the advice of successful leaders, and investigating issues of greatest concern to leaders.

With NCTE online communities, you can discuss issues and share resources with those who share your interests.

By logging into the My NCTE Page, setting content preferences, and selecting recommended communities, NCTE members will be able to participate in list discussions much as they have in the past. But they also will be able to do some other things that have not been possible previously—attach documents for discussion, subscribe to posts from "favorite" talkers, monitor particular strands of discussion through notification emails sent to their email accounts, create buddy lists, and maintain a personal archive of their postings to the list.

Join CEL to enhance your leadership skills, to study core and controversial language arts issues, and to network with other leaders. CEL members receive ELQ and may participate in the CEL Convention program, vote in CEL elections, contact CEL members for help and advice, and attend the CEL Convention at a reduced fee.

English Leadership Quarterly is a publication of CEL, the Conference on English Leadership, and helps department chairs, K-12 supervisors, and other leaders in their role of improving the quality of English instruction. ELQ offers short articles on a variety of issues important to decision makers in the English language arts. Published August, October, February, and April. $25/yr. Includes membership in CEL.

*    Leadership-Focused Programs
*    developing curriculum
*    communicating with the public
*    evaluating personnel
*    integrating research and instruction
*    handling controversial issues
*    examining model programs
*    inducting new staff and rejuvenating veterans
*    creating and managing testing programs
*    focusing resources and development
*    establishing partnerships with colleges and universities
*    working with administrators and school boards

NCTE members.  Membership in NCTE is a  prerequisite to voting membership in CEL.  Members of NCTE receive The Council Chronicle; voting membership in one of the four sections; discounts on NCTE publications; reduced registration fees for NCTE conventions, conferences, and workshops; and group insurance rates,, among other benefits.

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