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2013 Winner

Joyce StallworthJoyce Stallworth and Louel C. Gibbons, What’s On the List…Now? A Survey of Book-Length Works Taught in Secondary Schools” February 2012 Issue of ELQ.

Dr. B. Joyce Stallworth is the Associate Provost for Special Projects and Professor of English Education at The University of Alabama. Her primary research interests are related to teachers’ conceptions of teaching from multicultural perspectives and the purposeful integration of contemporary young adult literature into middle and high school curricula. Her scholarship has appeared in journals including The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, English Education, Voices from the Middle, English Leadership Quarterly, and The ALAN Review. In addition to her work as an administrator and researcher, Stallworth has taught a plethora of teacher education courses including classes in Ecuador, Paraguay, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. Further, she serves as a consultant with schools, community agencies, and national organizations. Stallworth earned her Doctor of Education degree from Vanderbilt University in 1993; her Master’s degree from Auburn University in Montgomery in 1990; and her Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Alabama in 1988. She previously taught middle school, high school, and community college English. After spending two years as an assistant professor at Alabama A&M University, Joyce is now in her 19th year at The University of Alabama.


Honorable Mentions

Eunjyu Yu for her article, “Ready for College? What College Students Have to Say about Their High School English Experiences” in the August 2012 issue.

Dr. Eunjyu Yu is Assistant Professor of English at State University of New York, Canton Campus. She has a doctorate in Foreign/Second Language Education from Ohio State University. Her major research interests include teacher education, applied linguistics, literacy, assessment, computer-assisted language learning, and multicultural pedagogy. Her scholarship has appeared in journals including English Leadership Quarterly, Papers in Language Testing and Assessment, Research and Teaching in Developmental Education, and Hyowon English Language and Literature. She served as a consultant to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.

Dawn Dalton for her article, “Reflections on Teaching (Or Not Teaching) Reading from the Field” in the April 2012 issue.


Award Criteria

ELQThe name of the award shall be the Conference on English Leadership English Leadership Quarterly Best Article Award

The award shall be given annually to the authors of two articles written by published in English Leadership Quarterly. Book reviewers will not be eligible for consideration, but articles written for specific English Leadership Quarterly columns may be considered. Teachers currently on leave may be considered, as may former teachers presently not employed.

The editor(s) of English Leadership Quarterly shall draw up the annual list of eligible authors and shall be the arbiter of eligibility.

The award shall be given once each year, covering issues published between February and October of any given school year. An honorable mention (runners-up) may be also named.

The editorial panel may consist of a chair, nominated by the editor(s) of the English Leadership Quarterly, and three to five readers, selected by the editor(s) of the English Leadership Quarterly. The panel shall be nominated for a one-year term. Panel members will be expected to excuse themselves from the judging if an article on which they are an author is eligible for the award. If necessary, the editor(s) of the English Leadership Quarterly will name a replacement.

In November of each year, or as soon as the editor determines which articles will be published in the final issue of the volume year, the editor(s) shall send each reader a list of authors eligible for the award.

After reviewing the articles, each reader shall nominate and rank five articles and send these nominations to the chair/editor(s).

The chair/editor(s) shall tabulate the nominations and consider, but not be mathematically bound to, the rank ordering of articles. That is, the chair should carefully consider the recommendations and rankings of the readers, but is to use his or her own judgment in determining award winners.

The chair/editor(s) shall choose the author of one article as winner, and, at his or her discretion, may name the author of one additional article as recipients of honorable mention.

The award winners shall receive and engraved plaque (if one author is selected/a certificate if two or more authors are selected), and honorarium of $100 each, and a luncheon ticket to the CEL Sunday Luncheon during the CEL Convention. NCTE shall send invitation letters to winners and announcement letters to the winners’ principals, school superintendents, chairs of boards of education, and appropriate newspapers upon request.

The awards shall be announced by the English Leadership Quarterly editor(s) at the CEL Sunday Luncheon at the CEL Convention.


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