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Instructions for Registering for CEL 2014 Annual Convention:  

Registration for the CEL Annual Convention is done through the NCTE website:   On that site, click on the “Professional Learning” tab at the top of the screen, and you will see a drag-down menu with “Annual Convention” at the top.  Select that option.  You should now be on the NCTE Annual Convention page.  On the left hand side, there is a link to the registration page.  Click it and then follow the directions for registration.  Please note that you do not have to attend the NCTE convention in order to attend the CEL Convention.  Should you choose to attend CEL only, simply complete the first part of the registration form but select “I would like to add items without a registration” in the Registration Information box.  The CEL Workshop is listed under Special Events: W.12 “Leading in a Collaborative World.”

If you have questions about the CEL Annual Convention, please contact the Program Chair, Janice Schwarze, at

Washington D.C. November 23-25

“Leading in a Collaborative World”

Jim Burke

Sarah Brown Wessling

Doug Fisher

Nancy Frey

Kylene Beers

Bob Probst

Never has collaboration been more important in schools.  Common Core State Standards, literacy coaching, professional learning communities, co-teaching, mentoring, tweets, wikis, Google Docs, literature circles, and other initiatives and resources have the potential to bring together educators and students across the world.  While these opportunities for collaboration are exciting, they also can present challenges.

If you are wrestling with the challenges or have experiences that could help provide insight on them, the 2014 CEL Convention is the place for you.  CEL is a professional community dedicated to developing leadership qualities in English educators. The annual convention is an opportunity for leaders to gather, share ideas, and grow. A unique quality of the convention is that attendees have many opportunities to network over breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, and social gatherings. Indeed, it is the perfect place to hone our collaborative leadership skills.

Join CEL for inspiring keynote speakers and

breakout sessions on instructional strategies, leadership,

coaching, and technology


Hear from panels of experts on critical issues in literacy and leadership



2015 CEL Annual Convention

Call for Proposals
Optimize the Power of Influential Leadership
Minneapolis, MN

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another”        -John C. Maxwell

Karen DelbridgeNo matter what our role is in education, influence can be our most valuable asset. Our? actions in small and large settings can greatly impact decisions and create a positive place for students and colleagues.  Leadership is about influencing people in countless situations. Taking the time to inspiring others to accomplish what may seem the impossible is worth the effort within our field. When trepidation has crept into the climate of our schools and districts, learning how to continue to make a difference in the lives of people around us is a worthy cause.

As we consider the power of leadership in education, several questions arise. What are the attributes to influence those around us to move in a positive direction for students, teachers, schools, districts, communities, and states? How do we share our work in a collaborative way that promotes literacy and positivity? How do we build strong teams that promote a more positive and productive work environment? What are the ways we influence and teach those around us?

Through self-reflection, we are able to think about our craft, consider the decisions that we make, and be aware of how those actions can impact people around us. Join us for the CEL convention in Minneapolis where we will explore these questions collaboratively 

We encourage you to submit proposals for the 2015 CEL Conference that address the theme for this session, Optimize the Power of Influential Leadership, including:

  • Influencing change and making it work
  • Productive literacy leadership
  • Building leadership capacity
  • Effective collaborations
  • Literacy coaching
  • Curricular and instructional design
  • Assessment
  • Being intentional with outcomes
  • How to run effective meetings
  • Building communities with teams
  • Resolving conflicts

The Conference on English Leadership encourages interactive, participatory presentations.  As a non-profit organization of educators, we are not able to give a stipend or expenses for this appearance.

Once the form is available, we ask that you submit your proposal prior to the April 1, 2015 deadline.  We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis, November 23-25, 2015.

The form will be made available shortly. 

Karen Delbridge, 2015 CEL Convention Chair


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