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L. Ramon Veal Research Roundtable - Previous Revision

National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention 2013
Boston, Massachusetts

The L. Ramon Veal Research Roundtable (L.51) is scheduled for Sunday, November 24, 8:30-9:45 a.m., in the Boston Sheraton Hotel, Independence Ballroom East. The L. Ramon Veal Research Roundtable allows early-career researchers, graduate students, and teacher-researchers to submit research papers for review by senior researchers who will provide constructive feedback to these often new researchers in the field. The research roundtable is characterized by friendly yet extremely professional feedback from participants who offer a variety of perspectives.

The L. Ramon Veal Seminar was created in honor of University of Georgia English Education professor L. Ramon Veal through a gift from his family following his death in 1984, following his career at UGA from 1964 to 1983.

to an interview about the Veal Seminar featuring former chairs Chris Goering and Shelbie Witte.

The session works as follows:

1.  Participants submit a description of their research to the committee chairs prior to the Fall Convention. (Note: The instructions for submitting proposals are on the following page of this announcement.)

2.  The chairs review the proposals and make the best possible match between the participants and a senior mentor from the wish-list.

3.  A cohort of senior mentors is recruited to work with small groups of Veal Seminar participants.

4.  Each participant sends his or her mentor a research summary at least one month before the Fall Convention.
6.  Prior to the Fall Convention, the participant and mentor are encouraged to establish their relationship and begin the mentoring process.

7.  On Sunday morning of the Fall Convention, the Veal Seminar is convened, with each participant-mentor pair having an opportunity to meet and talk.

8.  Relationships established through the Veal Seminar may extend as far beyond the NCTE Convention as individual participants allow.

Historically, the Veal Seminar has focused on university-based research, often conducted as dissertations. While we retain this focus, Cindy O'Donnell-Allen will chair  a section that is dedicated solely to teacher-researchers conducting any sort of inquiry into their teaching, their students, their communities, their careers, and other topics of practitioner inquiry. Peter Smagorinsky and Michael W. Smith will manage the traditional section focused on university-based research. We are making this distinction to promote teacher-research and do not see the two categories as exclusive or hierarchical. We mainly distinguish teacher-research because it often is viewed as outside the purview of NCTE research, a problem we hope to address through the Veal Seminar. Those who are doing research in their classrooms, but doing so while meeting university research requirements, are free to choose which section of the Seminar to which to submit their proposal. 

Instructions for Submitting a Research Proposal to the Veal Seminar

Submit your proposal by September 1, 2013!!!!!

Please TYPE in the following information:

Page 1: Cover Page

Current Position:

Affiliation and mailing address:  


Skype address:

Roundtable Category: Teacher-Research or University-based Research

Mentor Wish List: Please list 5-10 people as your Veal Seminar Mentor Wish List; from this group, we will attempt to make the best available match. Keep in mind that it's possible that the people you name will also be requested by other applicants, and so we cannot guarantee that everyone will get his or her top choice. Also, please make sure to list people who are likely to attend the NCTE conference. If you list 10 Australians and Europeans, you may end up with no one available from your list. So be realistic in terms of people's likelihood of attending the conference when making your wish list. If possible, please provide an email address for each person on your list, which will save us time in making matches.

If you had a mentor from 2012 and if you and that mentor agree to continue that relationship for the 2013 Veal Seminar, please indicate here that you have secured that agreement.

Pages 2-7: Proposal
Abstract: Provide an abstract of your study, limited to about 100 words

In six pages or fewer (excluding references), describe your research. Traditionally, such accounts include (a) a Problem Statement or motivation for conducting the study; (b) a Theoretical Framework or Literature Review; (c) an account of the Research Method; (d) a sketch of the Findings or Results; (e) a Summary or Concluding statement. For work in progress, any of these sections may be modified to suit the current rate of completion of the study. For teacher-researchers, "the story of the question"-that is, a narrative that provides the backdrop for conducting the research-may substitute for the Problem Statement and/or Theoretical Framework/Literature Review.

Reader Directions: Please provide some direction for your readers regarding the kind of help you want in terms of where you are with your research. In particular, help your reader understand your goals for conducting the research and how feedback can help you reach your goals.

Statement of Professional Ethics: I understand that submissions to the Veal Seminar are the property of the individual making the submission, and I agree not to share any part of another person's submission in any form without his or her written permission.

Please send all inquiries to the Veal Seminar co-chairs:
Teacher-Research Strand: Cindy O'Donnell-Allen (
University-based Research Strand: Peter Smagorinsky ( and Michael W. Smith (

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