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Mission Statement
As a strand of the Conference on English Education, the CEE Graduate Strand (CEE-GS) is comprised of graduate students who are members of the Conference on English Education community. By subscribing to English Education, you are a member of the CEE. The purposes of the organization are to support graduate students and to provide opportunities for mentoring and networking on a national scale. Our group serves as a support system for students as they consider a program, continue their education, and work toward matriculation. We seek to create partnerships, provide collaborative opportunities, develop institutional supports, and facilitate career advancement.

Benefits of Membership in CEE-GS
Membership in the CEE Graduate Strand (CEE-GS) provides graduate students with the opportunity to begin networking with the peers they will work alongside over the course of their careers. Moreover, it provides opportunities for establishing collaborative partnerships and forming a peer-based support system to enhance the graduate student experience. Throughout the academic year we publish two newsletters and communicate mainly via our Facebook page about upcoming conferences and/or journal calls, recent defenses and graduations of our members, and various English Ed-related topics.  At NCTE we hold a business meeting, a group dinner, and a round table session where CEE-GS members are paired with a faculty member to receive feedback on a current writing/research project.

CEE Graduate Student Research Award
The Conference on English Education (CEE) is pleased to announce the establishment of the CEE Graduate Student Research Award. This award seeks to support graduate student research that advances the work of CEE as articulated through the organization's position statements and sponsored publications. The proposal deadline is August 8, 2017.
Involvement at Professional Conferences

The CEE-GS is actively involved at professional conferences, both in the form of facilitating formal sessions that address issues related to graduate studies in English education and offering social activities specifically for graduate students.

CEE-GS-organized sessions have been presented at the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention and the Conference on English Education Biennial Conference.

Getting Involved with CEE-GS
Graduate students interested in getting involved in the CEE-GS are encouraged to join the CEE-GS group within the Connected Community and the CEE-GS Facebook page. This will allow members to receive announcements pertaining to upcoming events, job openings, and other conversations within the community.

The CEE-Graduate Strand is particularly interested in building up our membership and extending to universities that have been previously underrepresented in the Graduate Strand. We have developed a group of Campus Representatives who can serve as liaisons between the CEE-GS Leadership Team and the graduate students at individual universities.

As a Campus Representative, you are invited to do the following:

  • Assist in CEE-GS's efforts to increase graduate student awareness of and involvement in CEE & CEE-GS at your own university;
  • Communicate with the CEE-GS Leadership team to share ideas for how the organization can better support graduate students;
  • Publicize CEE & CEE-GS sponsored events (both at NCTE & at CEE) and encourage graduate students at your university to participate.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in (or if you know of others who might be), please reach out to Lauren Zucker, Membership Director of CEE-GS. We would be very excited to have you on board!

If you are interested in learning more about the CEE-GS, you are invited to contact members of the CEE-GS Leadership Team for additional information.

CEE - Graduate Student Affiliate

 Are you interested in forming a CEE-GSA at your institution as a means of representing graduate students interested in English Education research and teaching? If so, see the sample-by-laws created by one institution and contact Mandie Dunn.

If you are interested in learning more about the CEE-GS, you are invited to contact members of the CEE-GS Leadership Team for additional information.

Upcoming Events

  • CEE-GS Dinner at NCTE on Friday, November 17th
  • CEE-GS Roundtable Session at NCTE on Saturday, November 18th at 4:30pm – Sharing Our Voices: Preparing Teacher Educators for Today, Tomorrow, Forever
  • Submissions for the CEE-GS Newsletter. If you are interested in writing for or learning more about the Growing Scholars Chronicle, please contact Russell Mayo and/or Christopher Bass.
CEE-GS Leadership Team

Mandie B. Dunn
Michigan State University
Lauren Zucker
Membership Director
Fordham University
Ryan Schey
Conference Director
The Ohio State University
Russell Mayo
Newsletter Co-Editor
University of Illinois, Chicago
Christopher Bass
Newsletter Co-Editor
University of Illinois, Chicago
Katie Alford
Newsletter Editorial Board Member
Arizona State University
Amber Jensen
Newsletter Editorial Board Member
George Mason University
Nicole Barrett
Social Media Chair
University of Buffalo
Chea Parton
NCTE Co-Liason
University of Texas, Austin
Rae L. Oviatt
NCTE Co-Liason
Michigan State University

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