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Commission on New Literacies, Technologies and Teacher Education - Previous Revision

Commission Chair:

Carl Young, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Hannah Gerber, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

Commission Liaison: 

Melanie Shoffner, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN


To examine the current issues of technology infusion in existing ELA teacher preparation programs, locate relevant research that points to best practices in preservice programs, and make recommendations about preparing ELA preservice as a tool for teaching and learning.

Current Projects:
  1. Nominating sessions/presenters for the CEE/SITE National Technology Leadership Fellowship.
  2. Supporting the work of the CEE web editor team.
  3. Developing (and implementing) a research agenda related to the work in SITE and the NTLI.
CEE Commission on Technology and Teacher Education Report
January, 2010

Chair: Carl A. Young, NC State University
Associate Chair: Hannah Gerber, Sam Houston State University

The past two years for the Commission on Technology and Teacher Education have been busy ones.  New technologies, new ideas, and new policies in education and technology continue to impact the work of the commission. At the 2008 NCTE Convention, members of the commission nominated and elected a new leadership team, including Carl Young, North Carolina State University, as Chair, and Hannah Gerber, Sam Houston State University, and Stephen Goss, the University at Buffalo (SUNY), as Associate Chairs. 

The rapid emergence of new technologies and related media applications is a burgeoning area for research, discussion, and exploration, and has kept those in the commission busy with examining ways for effectively integrating technology into instruction, as well as introducing new and innovative ways to incorporate technology into the field of English teacher preparation.  In order to make NCTE and CEE members more aware of the many uses for new media within teacher preparation, the commission has often sponsored a yearly roundtable at the annual NCTE conference where members from the commission have presented research on and strategies for effective ways to use new technology within English teacher preparation courses and professional development partnerships and initiatives with inservice teachers. Additionally, two themed issues in CITE Journal ( have been dedicated to this topic—a forthcoming themed issue on "“Research on Innovative Uses of Digital Video” due in March, as well as an issue that builds upon the 2009 CEE Summer Conference entitled "Fast Forward in Technology and English Teacher Education: Policy Into Practice" due in June featuring Janet Alsup, current CEE Chair, as guest editor.

The influence that technology and media have in the classroom has had an impact on the rapid growth of the commission as well. In the span of one year, our membership doubled. In order communicate efficiently with the commission members and harness the power of collective intelligence and scholarly collaboration, which is inherent in Web 2.0 media and technologies, commission leaders created a Commission on Technology and Teacher Education group within the NCTE Ning site. Our hope is that we can continue to grow the commission membership through the group site, and that members will work together in dialoging about technology and teacher education.  Because of the rapid shift in how technology is shaping and changing the face of education in general, the commission is in the process of planning research efforts to determine what these new media and digital technologies mean for English teacher preparation, and also what this means for tomorrow's English teachers in terms of what they will need to be prepared for in the classroom. Stay tuned for future research efforts from the commission on this topic.

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