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The CEE Commissions are provisional groups focused on specific tasks related to one particular issue, question or topic. The CEE Commissions meet at each NCTE Convention in the time slot designated for them. They are, in every sense, open groups that serve as welcoming gateways for those interested in issues important to other CEE members and for those interested in forming stronger connections with CEE.  All NCTE and CEE members are welcome to join the commission of their choice and are free to move from one commission to another.  While CEE membership is not a requirement of participation in a CEE Commission, it is encouraged.

Each commission names a chair (or co-chairs) for a two-year term; the chair (or co-chairs) are CEE members. The Chair is responsible for leading the annual meeting at the NCTE Conference and submitting an annual report to the CEE Executive Committee.  New commissions can be formed by interested parties by submitting a written proposal to the CEE Executive Committee. Existing commissions can be dissolved by the members or by an action of the CEE Executive Committee.  Specific guidelines for creating and dissolving commissions are outlined below.


Creating Commissions
CEE members who wish to establish a new commission focused on an aspect of the work and mission of CEE are invited to do so. In order to create a new commission, a memo should be sent to the current CEE Chair, indicating the proposed commission name, focus and charge of the commission, along with the names of at least five CEE members interested in forming the commission. The memo should outline the major objectives of the proposed commission, with those objectives clearly linked to the CEE mission. The memo will be reviewed by the CEE Chair and the Executive Committee for approval. If a new commission is approved, an announcement will be made to the CEE membership inviting participation and an Executive Committee liaison will be appointed.

Retiring Commissions
When reviewing the commission reports each year, the CEE Chair and Executive Committee shall discuss the relevancy of the commission, the involvement of CEE members in the work of the commission and the relationship of the commission to the CEE mission.

Commission may be "retired” in one of two ways:
1) Members of the commission, via the Commission Chair, may notify the CEE Chair and EC (via memo) that the commission no longer wishes to function as a commission.
2) The CEE Chair, upon review by the EC and the commission liaison, may determine that the focus of the commission is no longer relevant, participation has dwindled and/or the commission is no longer serving a meaningful purpose in the organization. In this case, the CEE Chair will notify the commission, via the Chair, that the EC is considering retiring the commission and request a response to that action from the commission members.

Click on any of the CEE Commission names below to learn more about the work of the Commission.

Get Involved!

CEE accomplishes much of its work through the use of commissions.  We are always looking for new commission members with expertise, energy, and collegiality.  If you are interested in joining a commission, email

You are also invited to attend the CEE Commission Meetings at the NCTE Annual Convention in Atlanta in November on Friday, November 18 from 2:30-3:45 p.m.and Saturday, November 19 from 2:45-4:00 p.m. All of the commissions listed here will be present and you can join them in their discussions! 

Room locations available in late July.

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