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CEE Geneva Smitherman Cultural Diversity Grant

Application Deadline: May 20

Purpose: To increase participation in CEE on the part of teachers and teacher educators (including graduate students and student teachers) from historically underrepresented groups whose presence and whose contributions are central to the full realization of our professional goals.

Eligibility: This grant offers up to two $500 awards for first-time NCTE Conference presenters who are members of groups historically underrepresented in NCTE and CEE. Any teacher, teacher educator, or prospective teacher (graduate students and student teachers) in the English Language Arts, who is an NCTE member and represents an historically underrepresented ethnic group in NCTE (African American, Asian American, Mexican American, Native Hawaiian, Puerto Rican and other Latina/Latino American, and American Indian) and who has not previously appeared as a presenter at an NCTE annual conference is eligible to apply.

Award Criteria: Grants will be given to the applicant or applicants whose Program Proposal and past accomplishments indicate the greatest potential for contributing to the mission of CEE.

Award Specifics: A grant of $500 per proposal to support travel costs, registration fees, and other expenses associated with participation at the NCTE Annual Fall Convention. To apply:

1. Grant applicants must submit an NCTE Annual Convention Program Proposal to NCTE and receive an acceptance to present at the November convention. The proposal may be submitted for an individual or panel presentation.

2. If your proposal is accepted, then by the deadline of May 20, 2017, please submit the following to

  • A brief letter of application explaining how you anticipate your presentation (include your accepted proposal title) benefiting your colleagues.
  • A brief letter (no more than one page) describing your professional or pre-professional background.
  • A brief letter of support from a senior colleague or mentor commenting on your accomplishments or promise as a teacher or teacher educator.

Geneva Smitherman Cultural Diversity Grant Recipients

Cecelia Joyce Price, “Secondary Teachers' Experiences with Multimodal Literacy Design”

Tran Nguyen Templeton, “‘GG Stands for Good Guys’: Making Sense of Children's Multimodal Practices”

Robyn West, “Teaching Citizenship: Encouraging Students to Take Responsibility for Themselves & Their World”

Ting Yuan, “I know nothing!”: A Chinese-American Boy’s Contesting Identities and Multimodal Literacy Creations

Steven Alvarez, “Trans-languaging Tareas: Mexican Immigrant Families Brokering Homework Literacies”

Sana Ansari, "What Does College Prep Mean for Black Students?; Examining Ideologies and Academic Socialization”

Susana Priscila C. Alvarado, “Embracing Discomfort: Using Race, Culture & Ethnicity to Become Better Teachers”

Andrew Barrocas, “Rhetorical Situations”

Christina Ivanova, “Layers of New Learning: Using Digital Medias to Learn About and Maneuver within Social Justice: A Case Study”

Jorge Lopez, “Critical Media Pedagogy: Teaching for Achievement in City Schools”

Natasha Perez, “Exploring Literacies in Translation”

Zaira R. Arvelo-Alicea, "Enhancing ELLs' Reading Skills through Music, Storytelling, and Digital Media and “Latino/a Families – English Educators’ Literacy Partnerships”

Ileana Cortes Santiago, "Enhancing ELLs' Reading Skills through Music, Storytelling, and Digital Media and “Latino/a Families – English Educators’ Literacy Partnerships”

Delicia Greene, "Concrete Roses: A Case Study Exploring the Reading Engagements of Black Adolescent Girls in an Urban Fiction Book Club”

Elaine Wang, "Teacher Understanding and Facilitation of High-Level Thinking as Components of Instructional Quality: Reaching for High-Level Cognitive Demands in Text Discussions”  

Summer McLin, “Adjusting the Color Lens: Changing Attitudes Toward African American Vernacular English”

Bilal Polson, “Primary Classroom Teachers’ Awareness of Students’ ‘Literacy Lives”

Erika Martinez, “Creating a Literate Culture through Place Based Writing in the Dominican Republic”

Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, “Reading, Writing and Racism: First-Year Composition as a Space for Critical Discourse”

Amira Akl, “Understanding Arab And Arab American Students' Experiences in Writing with Technology”

Myrrh Domingo, “Digital Technology: Strengthening the Literacy Practices of Diverse Learners,” A New English Education Responding to Postmodern Shifts in English Curriculum and Instruction

Haniene Abubakr, “Literacy, Language and Islam: Meeting the Needs of Our Muslim Students”

Ashaki Coleman, “Conceiving, Believing, Achieving: A Process for Literacy Education Reform in the 21st Century”

Sherelle Jones, Westside Middle School, Winder, GA,“Tracing Relationships between Art and Literacy: Three Views Toward a Compleat English Curriculum”

Carmen Kynard, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, “‘The Skin I’m In’: Using Voice Scholarship and Young Adult Literature about Youth of Color to Transform Urban Teacher Education Curriculum”

Sonia Francis, Henry Highland Garnet School for Success, New York, NY, "Creating Common Ground in the In Between: Home School Partnerships for Literacy"

David Stewart, University School, Hunting Valley, OH, "Teaching ‘Bartleby’/Bartleby: Traditional Practice and Technological Innovation”

Pamela Ellis, Stanford University, CA, “Teachers Seeing Themselves Through Multiple Lenses: A Writing Intensive Pre-Service Training Course Designed to Prepare Teachers for Diversity”

Veronica Valdez, University of Texas at Austin, “Exploring the Interactions of a U.S. Born Latina Mother Within Parent Involvement as a Factor in Spanish Language Maintenance”

Ronald Lathrop, Smithville High School, Missouri, “Hate is Not a Value:  Combating Images Students Gain Outside the Classroom to Create a Partnership with Society”

Kevin Kumashiro (Center for Anti-Oppressive Education), Cynthia Cruz (UCLA), Bic Ngo (University of Wisconsin—Madison), “When Sexuality Matters in Multicultural Urban Classrooms”

Maria Colleen Cruz, PS 321, Brooklyn, NY, "Reading Genre Studies:  How to Create and Teach Them"

Sharon A. Lewis, Montclair State University, Teaneck, NJ, "Color-Blindness in the Classroom:  Can Black and White students talk meaningfully across the barrier of race?"

Theresa Harris-Tigg, University of Buffalo, NY, "Teaching Literature/Orature (Not the test):  Excellence through an Afrocentric Pedagogy in English"

Regina Bensch-Coe, Bay Path College, Longmeadow, MA, “Mining the Soul: Seven Stages to Original Work”

Janice Harper, Teacher’s College, Columbia University, New York, NY, “African American’s Children’s Literature Is An Effective Strategy for Helping To Empower African American Children In Literacy Development”

Cherlyn A. Johnson, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, "Academic Literacy: Students Perceptions of Their Learning Experience at a Private Northeastern University"

Khafilah Malik, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, "Facing the Present through the Past: Historical African American Literature"

Rachel T. Davis, University of Maryland, "Young Sisters Having Their Say: Documenting the Experiences of African-American Girls in One Language Arts Middle School Class"

Jennifer Ochoa, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, "Sharing Our Stories and Teaching Lives at the Summer Institute"

Antonio Tendero, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY, "From Writers Notebooks to Video Publication: Writing For Your Life in the Bronx"

Rosa M. Sailes, Carver Area High School, Chicago, IL, "African-American Students and the Internet"

LaVerne Weldon, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, "Making Connections: Using African American Literature to Teach Writing"

Elaine Richardson, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, "African American Vernacular English Discourse in Writing: Is It Really Worth Knowing?"

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