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CCCC Workshops on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Morning, Afternoon, and All-Day

Only $20 for half-day or $40 for full-day workshops. Select the workshop on the registration form (PDF). 

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Morning:  9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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MW.01   Opportunity, Reflection, and Tactical Foresight: Mapping the Full Span of Your Career from Graduate School to Post-Retirement

MW.02   Handcrafted Rhetorics: DIY and the Public Power of Made Things

MW.03   Teach, Transform, and Talk for “High Road”[1] Transfer: Uptake Genres Helping Students Articulate How They Mediate Writing Development

MW.04   Give Writing a Body That Moves: Embodied Performance in the Writing Classroom

MW.05   Linking Archives and Digital Humanities: Identifying Questions, Defining Terms, Exploring Resources, and Creating Digital Archives

MW.06   Plagiarism as Educational Opportunity: Risks and Innovations

MW.07   Seeking Sources:  How International/ELL/SLW Students Search, Read, and Write from Sources

MW.08   Campus Writing Marathons: Cultivating Community, Ownership, and Confidence

MW.09   Three Ways of Starting and Sustaining Conversations about (Teaching) Writing: The Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing, the WPA Outcomes Statement, and Threshold Concepts

MW.10   Actually Teaching Style: Upping the Ante on Academic Writing

MW.11   Literacy Narratives: Reflecting on Theory, Practice, and Research

MW.12   Basics of Coding: Analyzing Data and Reporting Findings

MW.13   Engaging the Global in the Teaching of Writing

MW.14   Faculty Matters:  The Rewards and Risks of Online Writing Instruction

MW.15   Countering Stereotype Threat in Writing Classes, Programs, and Centers

MW.16   Visible Futures: Building Success Beyond the Curriculum in Rhetoric & Writing Graduate Programs 


Afternoon:  1:30-5:00 p.m.

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AW.01   Exploring Latinidad in the South and Florida: A Workshop Sponsored by the NCTE/CCCC Latina/o Caucus

AW.02   Going Outside: Internships, Fieldtrips, and Experiential Learning

AW.03   A Technical & Professional Writing Pedagogy Workshop:  The Risk & Reward of Teaching Results-Oriented Invention and Heuristic Design Process

AW.04   Writing Democracy: Invisibility and Visibility

AW.05   Teaching Indigenous Rhetorics in the First-Year Writing Classroom

AW.06   The Job Market and Higher Education: Negotiations and Navigations of the New Doctoral Student

AW.08  Are Texts That Display Differently Different Texts? The Role of the Device—Cell, Kindle, Tablet, Laptop, Paper—in the Making of Meaning

AW.09   Writing Studio Tools and Strategies Across Contexts:  Exploring Possibilities at Your Institutions

AW.10   The LILAC Project: Studying Student Research for Improved Information Literacy Pedagogies

AW.11   The Job, not Just the Job Market: Preparing for Professional Life in Composition & Rhetoric

AW.12   Narrative Truth: The Risks and Rewards of Prison Research, Writing, and Teaching

AW.13   Ethical Issues for Beginning Researchers

AW.14   Making the Most Powerful Point: How to Get the Most out of Slideware in the Classroom

AW.15   Rewriting Plato’s Legacy: Ethics, Rhetoric, and Writing Studies

AW.16  The Risks and Rewards of Linguistically Standing Your Ground: Understanding, Rethinking, and Advocating Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom and Beyond

All-Day:  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

View or download the list of all-day workshop descriptions.

W.01   Multimodal, Embodied Pedagogy for the 21st Century

W.02   Feminist Workshop: Teaching, Service, and the Material Conditions of Labor

W.03   Council on Basic Writing Preconvention Workshop: Risky Relationships in Placement, Teaching and the Professional Organization

W.04   TYCA Presents: The Rewards of Playing with Placement and Pedagogy

W.05   Having Fun Teaching and Learning: Risking Gaming and Game Design in the Classroom

W.06   Working with Post-9/11 Student-Veterans:  A Workshop for Composition Teachers, Scholars, and WPAs

W.07   Big Data Methods, Digital Tools, & Writing Studies

W.08   The Risks and Rewards of Assessment: A Workshop for WPA's and Writing Instructors

W.09    Using Artifact-based Interviews as an Approach to Inquiry in Scenes of Teaching and Learning

W.10   Deep Rewards and Serious Risks: Working Through International Higher Education Writing Research Exchanges

W.11   Composing Pedagogies of Labor

W.12   Writing and Teaching Creative Nonfiction: Risks and Rewards


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