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Committee on Undergraduate Research (March 2017)


Committee Charge

Committee Members

Jenn Fishman, Co-Chair
Jane Greer, Co-Chair
Dominic DelliCarpini
Doug Downs
Jason Esters
Laurie Grobman
Patti Hanlon-Baker
Joyce Kinkead
Jessie Moore

This committee is charged with the following:

  1. Give an overview of how CCCC can foster a culture of undergraduate research and create connections with other organizations that support undergraduate research. 
  2. Gather preliminary information or profiles of a sampling of programs in which undergraduates conduct research in writing curricula or programs, as well as information on undergraduate research participation at CCCC conventions and other professional conferences.
  3. Recommend dissemination venues within CCCC for undergraduate researchers in writing studies and first-year composition.
  4. Provide a rationale to the EC for further initiatives or areas of study in undergraduate research.
  5. Collaborate with the CCCC Committee on the Major in Writing and Rhetoric.
  6. Collaborate with the CCCC Committee on Research.

Spring 2014 Update

Undergraduate research is what the AACU calls a “high-impact” learning activity (, a powerful form of active learning that helps prepare students to be curious and rigorous problem-solvers for life. Through collaboration with senior scholars, undergraduate research involves students in planning and carrying out real inquiries into important questions that can have consequential results. Students who study writing have unique opportunities to engage in this activity. The study of writing encompasses questions about written communication in every aspect of contemporary society, from learning to write in school to using writing at work and in civic life. The Conference on College Composition and Communication is working with its members and their students to create and support more opportunities for undergraduate research on writing in courses and programs at their institutions.

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