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Committee on Second Language Writing (November 2016) - Previous Revision

Committee Members

Angela Dadak, Co-Chair
Jay Jordan, Co-Chair

Kevin Eric DePew 
Dana Ferris
Haivan Hoang 
Maria Jerskey
Gail Schuck
Steve Simpson
Christine Tardy

Committee Charge

Because of the rapid growth in the number of second language writers in US higher education and the increasing linguistic diversity that all teachers of writing encounter in the classroom, the Second Language Writing Committee is charged to:

  1. Serving as an official liaison between CCCC and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL);
  2. Distributing and helping members use the newly revised position statement concerning second language writing issues;
  3. Identifying, developing and providing resources for CCCC members and other CCCC groups, particularly those working on revisions of CCCC Position Statements so that newly revised Statements reflect an awareness of second language writing issues;
  4. Putting forth recommendations for the Executive Committee on issues related to second language writing.
  5. Working with other groups within CCCC that are concerned with related issues of second language writers, transnationalism, and the globalization of writing studies in order to develop theoretical, pedagogical, and research frameworks and connections for  interested CCCC members, international disciplinary partner organizations (like TESOL), and the field.

Spring 2014 Update

The linguistic diversity of our students is further intensifying; writing teachers and administrators are aware of the growing presence of a large number of so-called “Generation 1.5” students—active learners of the English language who have graduated from high schools in English speaking countries, as well as a trend in which more universities and colleges are welcoming larger numbers of international visa students. The Committee on Second Language Writing plays an important role in raising the awareness of the issue of linguistic diversity in the writing classroom, providing insights into the internationalization of writing studies, and in providing resources for writing teachers and scholars. The Committee on Second Language Writing works closely with the TESOL Second Language Writing Interest Section (SLW-IS) to coordinate efforts related to second language writing and writers in both professional communities. We regularly bring together second-language/multilingual writing experts to share ideas, insights, and strategies with CCCC attendees. In 2013, we held two workshops at CCCC in Las Vegas. The first focused on multilingual writers and writing-across-the-curriculum (WAC) initiatives. The second workshop, which featured speaker Dana Ferris, considered multilingual writers, feedback strategies, and writing centers. In the past year, we have continued to build awareness of the newly revised CCCC Statement on Second Language Writing and Writers to members of both CCCC and TESOL. In particular, we are working to increase the use of the Statement by instructors in order to advocate for the multilingual students in their institutions and communities. In 2013, the CCCC Committee also helped to establish the new Standing Group SIG for Second-Language Writing, which will serve as a forum for scholars teaching and conducting research in this area of the field.

For 2014, we will host a workshop on multilingual writers and transitional spaces (from high school to college, from international programs to majors in the disciplines, etc.) in order to consider how we can help these student writers be successful as they move into different academic contexts. We are also continuing to support CCCC members with a new focus on providing more online resources and opportunities.

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