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Committee on Part-time, Adjunct or Contingent Labor (March 2015) - Previous Revision

Committee Charge

Committee Members

Irvin Peckham, Chair
Elizabeth Allan
Evelyn Beck
Glenn Blalock
Suzanne Carbonaro
John Edlund
Brad Hammer
Rochelle Rodrigo
Robert Samuels
David Schwalm 

This committee is charged to:

  1. Survey the CCCC members who have contingent employment about their working conditions, teaching conditions, and needs.
  2. Identify campuses where there has been improvement in the professional working conditions and conditions of instruction and identify the conditions and processes that led to such improvement.   Disseminate that information the to the membership through FORUM, the CCCC website, or similar venue to aid local strategic action and develop larger strategies.
  3. Identify other professional academic organizations that have substantial interest in issues of part-time, adjunct, or contingent labor. Determine what actions they have engaged in.  Identify potential allies to work with in addressing these issues and in conjunction with the NCTE office approach these organizations to pursue alliances.
  4. Report findings twice yearly to the CCCC Executive Committee.

March 2010 Update

We have completed a survey to determine best practices in the conditions of labor for writing instruction with 287 institutions, representing all geographical areas and Carnegie ranks, responding.  We will have the results in a searchable format posted on CompPile by March 17th.

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