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Committee on Globalization of Postsecondary Writing Instruction and Research (November 2018)

Committee Members

Lisa Arnold, Chair
Chris Anson
Cecile Badenhorst
Tiane Donahue
Bruce Horner
Jay Jordan
Vivette Milson-Whyte
Xiaoye You

Committee Charge

Globalization has changed the environment of postsecondary writing education in terms of the world of communication we are educating our students for and in terms of our professional relationships with colleagues in other countries.  To begin to understand these changes and their impact on the work on the profession as well as to begin to frame a response to these changed conditions, this committee is charged to gather information in several areas, identify major trends in the profession resulting from globalization, and to frame specific proposals for future action. Specifically this committee is charged to

  1. Coordinate with the strategic governance initiatives emanating from the NCTE Executive Committee.
  2. Gather information about writing programs in the U.S. that are attempting to address global communications and communication within globalized professions and communications.  This information will include descriptions of how these programs envision the challenges of global communications and the kinds of programs they are designing to meet these challenges.
  3. In response to these programmatic developments, propose ways of supporting or advancing these programs and making ways of disseminating information useful for other programs and teachers in the U.S.
  4. Gather information about the growth of postsecondary writing education in different regions of the world and characterize the institutional situations, programmatic structures and orientations in the different regions.
  5. Identify organizations and networks in other regions that might form relations or partnerships with CCCC so as to establish international professional cooperation and communication. Investigate and propose specific mechanisms to increase communication, as well as propose specific alliances or agreements.
  6. Identify how the CCCC as a long standing organization might support the work of newly emerging programs and professions in other regions and make proposals accordingly.
  7. Propose a policy statement for consideration of the Executive Committee concerning the role of a national professional organization within a world of globalized communication.
March 2016 Update

The committee currently coordinates its efforts with the Transnational Composition and the International Research Consortium Standing Groups. It sponsors the International Writing Studies page on CompPile and is currently exploring how this work, as well as other sites related to globalization and international writing research, programs, initiatives and activities, might be hosted on an online, publicly accessible platform. The committee continues to explore options through which CCCC can encourage international participation and collaboration. The committee is in the final stages of its charge to draft a policy statement for consideration by the CCCC Executive Committee.

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