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In this engaging set of conversations, CCC editor Jonathan Alexander and editorial assistants Jasmine Lee and Jens Lloyd talk with recent CCC authors about their articles. Authors discuss the origin stories for their research, connections between the articles and larger conversations in the field, and future directions for inquiry. Click on the author's name to access the recording.


Rebecca Brittenham
A conversation with Rebecca Brittenham, author of "The Interference Narrative and the Real Value of Student Work" (15:26)

Chris Mays
A conversation with Chris Mays, author of "Writing Complexity, One Stability at a Time: Teaching Writing as a Complex System" (12:47)

Eli Goldblatt
A conversation with Eli Goldblatt, author of "Don’t Call It Expressivism: Legacies of a 'Tacit Tradition'" (16:08).

Chris M. Anson
A conversation with Chris Anson, author of "The Pop Warner Chronicles: A Case Study in Contextual Adaptation and the Transfer of Writing Ability" (18:22).

Jeffrey A. Bacha
A conversation with Jeffrey A. Bacha, author of "The Physical Mundane as Topos: Walking/Dwelling/Using as Rhetorical Invention" (8:35).

D. Alexis Hart and Roger Thompson
A conversation with D. Alexis Hart and Roger Thompson, coauthors of "Veterans in the Writing Classroom: Three Programmatic Approaches to Facilitate the Transition from the Military to Higher Education" (14:50).

Kristopher M. Lotier
A conversation with Kristopher M. Lotier, author of "Around 1986: The Externalization of Cognition and the Emergence of Postprocess Invention." (19:10).

Nathaniel A. Rivers
A conversation with Nathaniel A. Rivers, author of "Geocomposition in Public Rhetoric and Writing Pedagogy." (24:12)

Matthew Abraham
A conversation with Matthew Abraham, author of "Rhetoric and Composition’s Conceptual Indeterminacy as Political-Economic Work" (19:10)

Ben Kuebrich

A conversation with Ben Kuebrich, author of "'White Guys Who Send My Uncle to Prison': Going Public within Asymmetrical Power." (15:15)

Jacqueline Preston
A conversation with Jacqueline Preston, author of "Project(ing) Literacy: Writing to Assemble in a Postcomposition FYW Classroom." (8:45)

Chase Bollig
A conversation with Chase Bollig, author of “'Is College Worth It?' Arguing for Composition’s Value with the Citizen-Worker" (11:00)

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