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Lesson Plans for Developing Digital Literacies

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Lesson Plans for Developing Digital Literacies
Edited by Mary T. Christel and Scott Sullivan

Becoming literate in the use of digital strategies is essential to reaching students in today's ELA classrooms. Our world is quickly becoming one in which students are consumers and producers of media texts created for a variety of purposes, and we can use those purposes to our ends in the classroom. We see Lesson Plans for Developing Digital Literacies as the start of a longer conversation that will contribute to the evolution of the ELA classroom over time. Lessons are designed to be a place to start, a marker on the road, a way for you to begin your exploration of digital literacies in your classroom. We invite you to use the resources provided here, modify them, create your own, and contribute to the discussion.

Read the table of contents, introduction, and a sample chapter.


Part I: Web Basics: Getting Started

1.1    Wikipedia Survey

1.2    Wikipedia Project: Understanding the Critical Process

1.3    Student Reflection

1.4    Grading Rubric for Wikipedia Project

2.1    Prewriting Activity for Reflective Essay

3.1    Evaluation Rubric

3.2    Student Self-Evaluation

4.1    Student Sample

4.2    Student Sample

4.3    Student Sample

4.4    Creating Digital InfoComics

5.1    Poster Requirements and Student Reflection

6.1    Media Diet Debrief

Ch. 6, Link 1 -- Google Survey Setup

Ch. 6, Link 2 -- How to Share the Survey

Ch. 6, Link 3 -- How to Share the Survey Results

7.1    Final Portfolios: Assembling Your Portfolio

7.2    Learning from Your Final Portfolio: Student Reflection


Part II: A Classroom without Walls: Collaborating with Web-Based Applications

8.1    Kennedy's Krib

8.2    Online Posting Rubric

9.1    The Fifth Child Discussion Board Contract

9.2    Sample Student Responses

9.3    Sample Discussion Board Evaluation Sheets

10.1    Crash Permission Slip

10.2    "Isms" Activity and Reflection

11.1    Document Trail

11.2    Peer Assessment

12.1    Creating an Online Reflection Survey Using Google Docs Form Feature

13.1    Resources for Learning about Blogs and Creating Your Own


Part III: The 21st Century Essay: Researching, Collaborating, and Composing

14.1    Supplemental Directions and Student Samples

15.1    Wiki Project Grading Rubrics

16.1    Wordles of Excerpts from the Three Scaffold Scenes in The Scarlet Letter

17.1    Let's Build a Rubric on Google Docs!

18.1    Hypermedia Writing Overview

18.2    Facebook Social Group Analysis

19.1    Digital Photo Essay


Part IV: Interactive Literature Study: The Paperback vs. the Computer Screen

20.1    Macbeth iMovie Assignment

20.2    Rubric for Macbeth Movie Trailer

20.3    Solve the Mystery

20.4    Essay: Have You Solved the Mystery?

21.1    Book Review Podcast Rubric

21.2    ISP Podcast Rubric

22.1    Character Study Activity

22.2    Instructions for Creating a Ning

23.1    Jane Austen Style Features

23.2    Historical Tweet Samples

24.1    Charting the Meaning behind Motifs

24.2    Symbolic Analysis Assignment Sheet

25.1    Model Social Networking Profile

25.2    Macbethbook Rubric

26.1    Storyboard Form

26.2    Chaucerian Pilgrimage Rubric


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