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2015 NCTE Outstanding Elementary Educator - Previous Revision

Philippa StrattonPhilippa Stratton is the recipient of the NCTE Outstanding Educator in the English Language Arts Award.  This award recognizes a distinguished national or international educator who has made major contributions to the field of language arts in elementary education.


Join the Elementary Section Steering Committee as they celebrate Philippa's contributions to the English language arts at the Elementary Section Get-Together during the NCTE Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida.


Phillipa is the editorial director at Stenhouse Publishers and was instrumental in founding two of the most important educational publishers in operation today, Heinemann and Stenhouse.


Philippa has been at the forefront in shaping some of the most important innovations in literacy education, including whole language, readers’ and writers’ workshop, reading comprehension strategies, literature circles, and literacy centers.  In many ways, Philippa essentially created the idea of the "professional book" for teachers, an innovation that has had an enormous impact on how teachers learn and view themselves as professionals for nearly three decades.


An astonishing number of authors have worked with Philippa on their groundbreaking early work including Lucy Calkins, Marie Clay, Harvey Daniels, Ralph Fletcher, Donald Graves, Stephanie Harvey, Georgia Heard, Donald Murray, and Regie Routman. In the past thirty years, books from these writers have dramatically impacted the field of language arts.


Philippa has the ability to think broadly and creatively—to find books where no one may have thought to look—and she continues to bring many important new voices into the field including Debbie Miller, Janet Allen, Franki Sibberson, Jennifer Allen, Kathy Collins, and many more.


With her quiet, behind the scenes work spanning decades, Philippa Stratton has dramatically influenced the profession of English language arts.


Read more on the Stenhouse website.


Read about Philippa in the September 2010 Council Chronicle article, Philippa Stratton Is Still Doing What She Loves Most


Selected Stenhouse Publications

  • Mentoring Beginning Teachers: Guiding, Reflecting, Coaching by Jean Boreen, Donna Niday, Mary K. Johnson, Joe Potts, January 2009
  • Reading for Real: Teach Students to Read with Power, Intention, and Joy in K-3 Classrooms by Kathy Collins, 2008
  • Teaching with Intention:  Defining Beliefs, Aligning Practice, Taking Action, K-5 by Debbie Miller, 2008
  • Craft Lessons, 2nd Edition by Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi, November 2007
  • Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding by Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis, January 2007
  • Running Records: A Self-Tutoring Guide by Peter H. Johnston, April 2000
  • Taking Inquiry Outdoors: Reading, Writing, and Science Beyond the Classroom Walls by Barbara Bourne, April 2000
  • Teeth, Wiggly As Earthquakes: Writing Poetry in the Primary Grades by Judith Tannenbaum, April 2000
  • Great Beginnings: Creating a Literacy-Rich Kindergarten by Resi J. Ditzel, January 2000
  • I Read It, but I Don't Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers by Cris Tovani, January 2000
  • A Note Slipped Under the Door: Teaching from Poems We Love by Nick Flynn, Shirley McPhillips, January 2000
  • Yellow Brick Roads: Shared and Guided Paths to Independent Reading 4-12 by Janet Allen, January 2000



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