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Annual Reporting for NCTE Assemblies

The 2014 annual reports are due by July 15.

All the items below are needed to complete the 2013-2014 Annual Report.


  • Except for dues and the online survey report, all the items below can be sent via email .
  • You may submit these items as a group, or individually as you collect them. Please make sure each item is clearly labeled with your affiliate's name and, of course, your name.

Submit items by email to or by regular mail to:

Division of Communications and Affiliate Services
1111 W. Kenyon Road
Urbana, IL  61801
Fax: 217-278-3761
Phone: 800-369-6283, x-3634

Items for Annual Report

The following items comprise the assembly annual report and are in addition to the paragraph you send to NCTE for its Annual Report of Council Activities.

Assembly Online Survey

Dues:  Please submit your dues and the Assembly Dues Form via U.S. Mail to the address above.

Assembly Editors (journal, newsletter, website):  Hopefully, your publication participates in the NCTE Information Exchange Agreement, an agreement enabling participating affiliates, assemblies, and TYCA Regionals to use writing and artwork from one another's publications providing they cite the source of the writing or artwork and send two copies of the publication with the reprinted writing or artwork to the editor of the publication that originally printed the material..  NOTE:  Please add Millie Davis, NCTE Division of Communications & Affiliate Services, to your publication's mailing list.  If your publications have not been sent to Millie Davis, please send them now as a group. 

Roster of Officers:  It is important that NCTE has a current list of your group's officers on file for more efficient and timely communication between the assembly and NCTE. Although rosters are submitted as part of the annual report each July, updates are welcome anytime throughout the year. Please submit names, contact information, and term dates for the following roles, in addition to any other roles your group might have: President; Vice President; President-Elect; Treasurer (required); Newsletter Editor; Journal Editor; Web Editor; Executive Secretary; Membership Chair; Member-at-Large. If you have a Board listing on your website, feel free to just provide us with the link to that list. Please provide email addresses for officers so they can receive electronic communications about assembly business from NCTE.

Roster Statement Form:  The Roster Statement Form should be attached to or submitted with your roster of officers. All Board members of Assemblies must be members of NCTE.

Meeting Minutes:  Please send a copy of your assembly's meeting minutes for July 1 - June 30 . You do not need to submit these if your assembly sends them throughout the year. Please put the NCTE Affiliate/Assembly Office on your mailing list to receive Executive Board minutes or e-mail the minutes to Please attach any assembly documents that NCTE HAS NOT ALREADY RECEIVED this year, including minutes of board meetings and conference programs.

Assembly Directors Form:  This form is due by September 15. We encourage you to consider the Assembly Directors Form as part of your annual report. It confirms the assembly officer(s) who will be attending the Board of Directors Meeting at NCTE's Annual Convention in November. 

Assembly Abstract:  Please view your current assembly information on our website and submit any revisions. This information id used to update the NCTE Assembly Brochure each year.

Policy of Involvement of People of Color:  Does your assembly have a Policy of Involvement of People of Color?  If yes, please include this policy in your annual report.  View NCTE's policy.

Budget/Financial Statement:   Please submit a copy of your annual budget and/or financial statement and/or tax return.  A blank Financial Statement is available for your use.

Membership List:  Membership lists were due by May 1 in this designated format. Lists are still being accepted.

  • Your association's representation on the NCTE Board of Directors is based on the number of NCTE members in your group. This number is determined annually, when you submit your group’s membership list to NCTE.
  • A requirement of assembly status with the Council is that your assembly must have 25 NCTE members and all members of the governing board shall be NCTE members.

Assembly Report Delay Sheet:  If you are not able to submit these items by July 15, please complete and submit the Delay Sheet.

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