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2016 Workshops

Workshop Registration

Thursday Workshops (after Nov. 7)
W.1 to W.15
Member: $140 ($150)
Nonmember: $165 ($175)
Student:  $85 ($95)

ALAN Workshop, W.16 (after Nov. 7)
Member: $190 ($200)
Nonmember: $215 ($225)
Student:  $100 ($100)

CEL Convention, W.17 (after Nov. 7)
NCTE + CEL Member Fee: $180 ($195)
NCTE Member Only Fee: $205 ($220)
Nonmember of NCTE or CEL:  $255 ($270)

Convention workshops offer attendees multiple opportunities for intensive learning experiences through group discussions, hands-on projects, and/or lesson creation. Workshops are an excellent way to deepen your knowledge in subject areas that are critical to you! Enrollment is limited and workshops fill quickly, so register early to ensure your seat!


Preconvention Workshops
Thursday, November 17
Noon to 4:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)


W.01  Ramp Up the Rigor with Reciprocal Teaching and Debate

Enhance your students’ analysis of text, ability to ask powerful questions, and engage in debate with one another through a structured protocol. This session provides a pathway to rigorous instruction while promoting collaborative conversations amongst students.

Presenters:  Kelly Ally and Benjamin Scherz


W.02  History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust

Use primary sources to strengthen media literacy skills. Connect local stories with global issues. "History Unfolded," a project of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum invites learners to use microfilm and digitized collections to investigate local 1930s/40s newspaper coverage of the Holocaust.  Develop models to integrate in your classroom.

Presenter:  David Klevan


W.03  NCTE Yoga and Writers Retreat

Teachers, by and large, need to be kinder and gentler to themselves and this workshop is designed to show you how.  We will begin with Soul-Writing Yoga to charge your creative motor followed by writing instruction given by Adrian Fogelin and finish with some stress reduction activities given by Joan Kaywell.  Even if you’ve never thought about writing for yourself or others, we will help you create a story to pass on to those you love.  Begin your inward journey and leave refreshed and revitalized for the conference with a new piece of writing in hand.

Presenters:  Priscilla Estes, Adrian Fogelin, and Joan Kaywell


W.04  Incorporating Internationally-Themed Literature: Deconstructing Stereotypes in your Classroom

Presented by educators in Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and South Asia area studies, this workshop will provide teachers of all grade levels with the opportunity to learn and discuss pedagogical skills and educational materials for incorporating international literature. Attendees will review key texts, methods, and resources for globalizing classroom literature and receive classroom-ready materials and suggestions for diversifying classroom perspectives and student learning experiences.

Presenters:  Lisa Adeli, Breeanna Elliott, Chris Rose, Rachel Weiss, and Denise Woltering


W.05  Advocating A Space for Learning Diversity

This workshop affords opportunities for participants to explore the learning diversity movement as an alternative theory and set of practices to learning disabilities, as well as explore how they might create an emergent writing studio space at their school in which teachers and students can embrace this socially just pedagogy.

Presenters:  Hunter Bounds, Nick Carollo, Spencer Helton, Matthew Kim, Tony O'Connor, Michael Riendeau, and Eric Stone


W.06  Leading For Literacy—Using the Instructional Practices Guide As a Coaching Tool

How do leaders know what quality literacy instruction looks like across content areas? What should leaders look for in lesson planning and student engagement? Participants in this workshop will learn how to use the Instructional Practice Guide for ELA to provide effective feedback on literacy instruction.

Presenters:  Tricia Ebner and Char Shryock


W.07  Diversity 2.0:  Advocating For More Than Just Diverse Faces

In this workshop, authors, illustrators, and professionals in the children’s book industry will discuss the need for books that depict authentic diverse characters in universal situations, or a move away from tokenism or “issue books.” Participants will leave with strategies for empowering a wide range of readers.

Presenters:  Joseph Bruchac, Thomas Crisp, Hannah Ehrlich, Nikki Garcia, Nikki Grimes, Denise Johnson, Cynthia Kadohata, Melanie Koss, Cammie McGovern, yuyi morales, Sharon O'Neal, Todd Parr, Ami Polansky, John Schumacher, and Ginee Seo


W.08  Moving beyond the What to the How: Teaching Culturally Diverse Literature

This workshop explores ways teachers and teacher educators can identify and analyze culturally diverse literature with their students. We will present a hands-on, discussion-based session to consider not just what counts as diverse literature but how we might use texts to move our classrooms toward a stance that honors difference.

Presenters:  Laura Apol, Ashley Johnson, Ashley Johnson, and Michael Macaluso


W.09  Using Systems Thinking to Broaden the Horizons of Teacher Self-Study and Professional Literacy

This interactive workshop facilitates participant exploration of how the process of ideology-in-practice is embodied and enacted in professional practice within complex adaptive social-ecological systems. Participants will explore conceptual mapping activities and generative dialogue practices toward more socially just and inclusive instructional design for culturally and linguistically diverse learners.

Presenters:  Cinzia Forasiepi and Tabia Lee


W.10  The Power of Place:  Children’s Literature and Community-based Apps as Resources for Content Integration

Designed to help teachers improve integrated units with apps designed to augment community spaces and children’s books, this half-day workshop promises to kick off the convention with time for practical lesson planning and an opportunity to visit the surrounding area. No additional costs are involved for apps or session activities.

Presenters:  Kim Barker, Bejanae Kareem, Laura May, Diane Truscott, Deborah Wiles, Brian Williams


W.11  Coherence and Conversation: A Unit Writing Workshop

This workshop guides participants through the process of designing coherent curriculum. Participants will sequence complex texts, develop overarching inquiries, develop and sequence text-based tasks to guide students to comprehend, interpret, and analyze complex texts, and design writing assignments that ask students to write about, write like, and write across texts.

Presenter:  Allison Escher


W.12  Apps and Technology Tools that Support Learning and Advocacy

Through hands-on instruction, participants will have the opportunity to explore apps such as Periscope, Instagram, and Vine, Buncee, HSTRY, Twitter, Medium, Known, and, and media production tools, in support of creativity, critical thinking, artistic responsibility, and to advocate for and enact social change around the issues that matter to today’s students and educators.

Presenters:  Judy Arzt, Trent Kays, Maureen McDermott, Ewa McGrail, J. Patrick McGrail, Greg McVerry, Clarice Moran, Ian O'Byrne, Mary Rice, Allen Webb, Robert Williams, and Daniel Woods


W.13  Advocating for Student Engagement through VARK Learning Styles

This workshop will focus on having teachers use different Visual Aural Read/write Kinesthetic (VARK) methods to create assignments and show how multi-modal assignments engage students more than single mode assignments. Work in small groups, create innovative assignments, and learn your students’ learning styles.

Presenters:  Amy Brumfield, Jill Dahlman, Maureen McBride, Piper Selden, and Angela Spires


W.14  Holding onto Tom Newkirk’s Ideas in a Time of Bad Ones: Chasing Questions, Finding Answers
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In this lively, interactive panel presentation, a septet of national literacy leaders will share the impact of Tom Newkirk’s mentoring on their work. You will be invited to question, to research, to write, and to mentor others in advocating for an empowered new generation of readers, writers, and thinkers.

Presenters:  Penny Kittle, Gretchen Bernabei, Ellin Keene, Richard Kent, Jonathan Lovell, Mike Michaud, Thomas Newkirk, Tom Romano, and Jeff Wilhelm


W.15  Teaching Writing through a New-Literacies Lens: Writing-As-Problem-Solving

Drawing on student and teacher work from 8 grade 6-11 classes, this workshop will engage participants in exploring a new-literacies based writing pedagogy, one designed to teach students metacognitive skills and strategies needed to independently learn how to excel at writing tasks no one has taught them how to write. 

Presenters:  Taylor Burke, Sean Dupuis, Lyndsey Hagen, Crystal Hegedus, Rita-Marie Leask, Keith Miller, Kacie Neamtu, David Slomp, and Jamie Vanham



Other Workshops and Events


ALAN Workshop
Monday, November 21, and Tuesday, November 22
W.15 | Innovators, Visionaries, and Rebels: Celebrating Risk Takers in Young Adult Literature

Sponsored by the Assembly on Literature of Adolescents of NCTE (ALAN)

Attend the ALAN Workshop to meet colleagues from across the country, pick up complimentary copies of some of the best and most popular young adult titles, and learn from and meet a host of young adult authors!

Innovation, vision, risk, rebellion—these distinguish our most noteworthy young adult books and our most effective ways of promoting and teaching them. They pave the way for literary excellence, creativity, and resistance to the status quo. At the 2016 ALAN Workshop, we’ll celebrate authors, editors, teachers, librarians, critics, and teen advocates who have pushed our field forward through their risk-taking work with YA lit.

In keynote speeches, panel discussions, author conversations, and breakout sessions, we’ll explore questions such as:

  • Who are the authors who engage and challenge readers through innovative approaches to writing craft and storytelling? Who are the editors and publishers who bring us books unlike those we’ve seen before? Who are the teachers, librarians, critics, and advocates who champion those books and help them find their audience?
  • What does risk-taking look like in YA writing, reading, teaching, and advocacy?
  • How do we call and persuade others to join us in developing a bold vision for our work with YA lit and the teens who read it?

Join us in Atlanta where we’ll pay tribute to the innovators of the past and hear from the visionaries of today. We’ll share writing that dazzles, stories that challenge, and teaching that inspires. We’ll discuss the courage it takes to rebel. And we’ll honor the political and aesthetic risks involved in pushing YA lit to greater heights.

Visit the ALAN Workshop Website for more information.


CEL Annual Convention
Sunday, November 20, to Tuesday, November 22
W.17 | Innovative Leadership: Navigating Changes in Literacy Education

Sponsored by the Conference on English Leadership (CEL)

We all know that change is inevitable. Changes in education, however, can be extremely demanding on teachers, administrators, students and parents alike. How can today’s literacy leaders not only bring about necessary changes but navigate changes imposed upon us? Educational policy, standards, high-stakes  testing, college readiness — these constantly evolving and controversial issues create tension, chaos and concern for the future of education. How can innovators — the fools, the madmen — navigate the rough seas of change? How can we steer literacy education in the right direction? How can we fight against injustice and focus on promoting literacy? How can literacy leaders bring about change, build communities and prepare teachers for the road ahead? In what ways can innovative leaders expand literacy capacities on the local, state and national levels?

View the CEL Convention Website for more information.


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