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Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status Through NCTE

This information is required annually after your unit (Affiliates, Assemblies, TYCA-Regionals, TAWL Groups) has been accepted as a member of the NCTE Tax-Exempt Group. To continue to be included as part of the group, units must submit the following forms and items to the Affiliate Services Office by January 30 of each year.

Units that fail to meet the annual requirements for maintaining group exemption status will not be included in NCTE's group exemption letter for the upcoming fiscal year, and will not have "IRS determined" tax-exempt status, unless the unit obtains tax-exempt status on its own.

These requirements must be followed due to regulations established by the Internal Revenue Service, Publication 557, Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization.

It is very important that your organization file with the IRS each year, no matter what, or you will lose your tax-exempt status and be refused membership in the NCTE Group. All nonprofit organizations must file annually with the IRS even if they haven't had to file in the past.  For members of the NCTE Tax-Exempt Group, the filing deadline is November 15.  If your organization has filed using the 990 or 990EZ form,  check the link below to see if you are eligible to file the 990-N (e-postcard) because the ceiling for filing an e-postcard has been raised to $50,000.  If your organization has not filed in the past because your gross annual receipts were very small and didn't warrant filing, you now MUST file using the e-postcard.  Information about filing along with links to forms and instructions is available on the IRS website for Charities and Non-profits.

Annual Requirements

  1. Completed Annual Group Exemption Checklist, including acknowledgement of adoption of policies that ALL 501(c)(3) organizations should have adopted by June 30, 2009. Note this is a new electronic form!
  2. Copy of Financial Report if unit filed e-Postcard with IRS.
  3. Copy of tax return if unit filed 990EZ or 990 form with IRS.
  4. Completed Fees Form and a check for $10 made payable to NCTE.
    Fax: 217-303-5431; Phone: 217-278-3652. If you choose, all except the check can be emailed to



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