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Conference Planning Checklists - Previous Revision

Conference and Meeting Planning Checklists and Worksheets
A timeline worksheet, budget worksheet, site inspection checklist, and much more . . .
Documents prepared by NCTE Director of Conventions Amy Stark

Conference Planning Timeline
How many months in advance should an affiliate begin planning for its conference? When should proposal forms be distributed?  When should publicity be sent to the media?  This timeline will be a very useful tool in your conference planning.

Conference Budget Form
Planning a conference is a labor of love, but it is also a business venture to make a profit.  Affiliate leaders and volunteers spend considerable time and resources planning their annual conference(s).  This budget form will help guide them through the process of creating, planning, and implementing a budget.

Site Inspection Checklist
What should an affiliate look for in selecting the best conference site?  This checklist includes all the important issues and details when selecting a site, from the overall quality of the hotel, to important issues with lodging rooms, meeting rooms, food and beverages, audio visual, and much more.  This checklist will ensure your affiliate chooses the best conference site.

Sample Speaker Confirmation Letter
How should an affiliated group confirm the arrangements they have made with speakers?  This sample speaker confirmation letter is a great example.

Speaker Tracking Chart
How do you efficiently and accurately keep track of your speakers?
How much will each speaker be paid? What type of transportation will each of your speakers use to get to and from your conference? Will a volunteer need to pick a speaker up at an airport?  Will your speakers need special equipment for their presentations?  This speaker tracking chart has proven time and time again to be an invaluable tool in making conferences successful.

Speaker Information Form
Does your speaker(s) know enough about your event to give the most successful presentation? Is your speaker wondering about transportation or meals? This form, prepared by Millie Davis and used for the cosponsored speaker program, provides the speaker with detailed and valuable information on your event. Feel free to copy and paste this text into an e-mail or a document, complete, and send to your speaker(s).

Speaker Hosting Etiquette 
Please use these guidelines when you host an NCTE Cosponsored Speaker. You should also find the guidelines useful for hosting other conference speakers as well.

Hotel/Site Directory and Hotel Checklist
Whom should you call if you need to change a room setup during the conference? Which volunteers will be working at the registration desk and how do you reach them?  When are the meeting rooms set up, and who sets them up?  This directory and checklist form will prepare you for any emergency situation that could arise before or during the conference. 

Conference Notebook Checklist
Do you have a notebook for the conference?  What type of information will you need to carry with you each day?  This checklist will prepare you to handle any question with ease, to know each exhibitor, and to know where a guest speaker will sit at the next luncheon.


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