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Conference Planning

Planning a conference is a labor of love, but it is also a business venture to make a profit.   The conference planning area of the affiliate website is designed to bring a wealth of information direct to your desktop.  Below is a list of resources available on our site.   

Cosponsored Speakers Program
As an important means for enhancing relationships with affiliates, NCTE is pleased to share the financial responsibility of sending Council leaders to affiliate and TYCA regional meetings.  These Council leaders are experts in the field on topics such as assessment, diversity, literacy, multiculturalism, and more.

Hosting an NCTE Cosponsored Speaker (applicable to all your conference speakers)
Conference program planners may find the guidelines presented here to be very useful when hosting an NCTE Cosponsored Speaker. Whether the conference is still in the planning stages or almost completed, the tips offered are invaluable.

Conference Planning Guide 
Where should you start in planning your conference? How will your affiliate leaders and volunteers remember to take care every little detail of the conference? How do you plan a workable and accurate budget? These conference worksheets and checklists were created for NCTE affiliates, assemblies, and TYCA regionals by former NCTE Convention Director Jacqui Joseph-Biddle.

NCTE Affiliate Exhibit Kits
One service NCTE provides to its affiliates is a sampling of publications to display at affiliate conferences.  An NCTE exhibit at your conference enables your members to see for themselves the sorts of publications NCTE has to offer.  Those who are interested in joining NCTE will be able to pick up an NCTE membership application right at the exhibit. 

Affiliate Meetings List
See the most current list of affiliate meetings.

National Promotion for Affiliate Meetings
To assist with expanding the coverage for affiliate meetings nationally, learn how to advertise your affiliate meeting through the NCTE website and select Council publications.

List/Label Requests for Affiliates
A list or set  of labels are available for use in recruiting new affiliate members and announcing meetings.

Have an SCOA representative at your affiliate meeting!
Having your Regional Representative to the Standing Committee on Affiliates attend your conference will benefit your affiliate.  On site, you'll have a ready consultant on affiliate affairs, both local and national. You'll have a public relations person ready to relay information about the success of your conference to your region and to the nation.  You will also have a link to the network of 120 NCTE affiliates in the United States and Canada.

Request more conference planning materials (e.g., budget planning sheet, time table chart) by e-mailing

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