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Session Dates:  Annual sessions begin on the 2nd Monday in January and run for 40 Legislative days. Sessions normally end in mid to late March, depending upon the number of recess days.

2008 Summary of General Statutes:

HB 100
Education; student scholarship organizations; provisions

HB 175
Education; student scholarship organizations, repeal

HB 193
Elementary and secondary education; 180 day school year; provisions

HB 198
Elementary and secondary education; kindergarten programs; 810 hours per school year; provisions

HB 201
Safety belts; new school busses equipped; provide

HB 208
Educational programs; bilingual education on high school diplomas; provide

HB 229
Student Health and Physical Education Act; enact

HB 243
Elementary and secondary education; salary increases; repeal

HB 251
Quality Basic Education Act; public school student; attend any local school; provide

HB 278-280, 313, 336, 547, 649, 829
Quality Basic Education

HB 373
Forsyth County; Board of Education; election of members; provisions

HB 423
State Board of Education; home study student; dual enrollment program; provide

HB 432
Randolph County; Board of Education; organization and officers; provide

HB 455
Elementary and secondary education; annual contracts for certified personnel; extend certain deadlines

HB 501
Educational programs; placement and promotion policies for grades one, two, four, six, and seven, provisions

HB 524
Education; compulsory attendance; provisions

HB 668
Elementary and secondary education; local board reassigns bullying student; authorize

HB 704
Local boards of education; establish policy to wear school uniforms; require

HB 758
Educational programs; grants to encourage lengthening of school year; provide

HB 844
Health care professionals; continuing education in cultural competency; require

HB 851
Education; Teacher Loan Program; provide

SB 14
Local boards of education; no person on the national/state sex offender registry shall be eligible for election/service on board

SB 60
Education; authorize each local board to determine the maximum age of mandatory education; provide alternative track

SB 132
Dropout Deterrent Act

SB 219
Education; certified personnel; provide placement on the state salary schedule

SB 250
Education; unlawful disruption of/interference; operation of public schools or public school busses; revise provisions

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