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May 2009 SLATE Update

Taking Advocacy into Your Own Hands
by Clarissa West-White, Editor,
SLATE Update
Each year a group of NCTE members journey to the nation's Capital to urge House and Senate representatives to support key legislation that enhances education reform, and this year was no different. More than 70 members from 22 states and the District of Columbia were present in D.C. last month. The two "asks" that we took to our meetings in Congressional offices were

1. to seek co-sponsorship and/ or support of a resolution to recognize October 20, 2009, as the National Day on Writing, and

2. to seek co-sponsorship and/ or support of  a comprehensive literacy bill.

Our elected officials are only effective if they are well informed. Since they have to know so much about multiple units that make a government whole, our civic responsibilities mandate that we become knowledgeable informants. I am not promising that your presence will influence a member's vote and that that vote will result in monumental changes to education, but I also am not promising that it will not. Take a chance, take the charge, come to D.C. on April 22, 2010, for the next Literacy Education Advocacy Day and join the conversation, join the movement!  Read more.

Two NCTE Members from Virginia Met with Their Congressman
(from left to right, above: Janice Suppa-Friedman,
Congressman Tom Perriello, Sarah Tanner-Anderson)

In this SLATE Update, you will find

And you will also read the first installment of five regarding education-related legislation either passed or pending in your state. The first 10 states featured are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, and Georgia.

Six NCTE Members from Florida Attended Advocacy Day
(left to right, above: FCTE's Clarissa West-White, April Blaze, Joan Kaywell;
Clint Cates, legislative aide to Senator Bill Nelson;
FCTE's Christiana Succar, Susan Houser, and Kathleen Blake Yancey)


Thank You for Sending Nearly 2,000 Letters to Your
Members of Congress to Support NCTE's National Day on Writing!

Now's the time to ask your Representative to support the resolution
declaring October 20, 2009, as the National Day on Writing.


Tell Us What You Did during Advocacy Month!
Please fill out this survey to let us know what activities you did alone or with others during Literacy Education Advocacy Month.



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