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Finding Our Voice – Speaking Out to Build Support for Our Work - Previous Revision

Teachers Need to Speak Out . . . and Explain What Their Work Is Like
and What Kind of Support Is Needed for It

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Watch this page and NCTE communications for upcoming events and bulletins to help teachers speak out.

Use this set of slides for viewing the "Finding Our Voice -- Speaking Out to Build Support for Our Work" Web seminar recording. 

See the first in a series of Web seminars designed to encourage teachers to speak out about the work they do in classroom and how to do so wisely and through a number of venues.

In "Finding Our Voice -- Speaking Out to Build Suport for Our Work," presenters Steven Zemelman and Harry Ross, authors of 13 Steps to Teacher Empowerment,

• recognize that the present situation for teachers and schools in many places in this country is not a happy one right now with widespread budget cuts, mandates from people who don’t really understand teachers’ work, and policies that, however well-intended, undermine good teaching and learning.

• know that teachers complain to each other about these things, but most hesitate to speak out publicly.

• posit that it’s especially important that we do speak out now, in the present climate, so we don’t just sit by passively while our hard work is getting bashed.

• insist that teacher responses, though, need to be carefully crafted and echoed by many voices, so they are as effective as possible.

• share skills and strategies for speaking out so we can all learn, find it easier to speak and be heard, and not lose our jobs in the process.

Presenters:  Date:  Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Time:   8:00 p.m. EST

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Share Your Teacher Story

"Stories provide the structure to explain the beliefs and experiences of people, and provide a framework to bring to life facts, ideas, and past events."    --    Yvonne Siu-Runyan, NCTE Past President
Share your story with NCTE colleagues, friends and neighbors, policymakers, legislators. Tell them your teacher story.  Read more in Yvonne's "Telling Our Stories for We Must."


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