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Congress is currently working on the FY18 budget, and it’s critical that we let them know how important it is to protect funding for public education.

The President's FY 18 Budget, released May 23, cuts the education budget by $9 billion and eliminates all state Title II funding which historically has supported teacher and principal recruitment, training and professional learning, especially in low-income districts and schools. LEARN – which supports literacy grants to states- is also eliminated.

We appreciate all you’ve done so far, but we still need you. Please ACT NOW!

1. Please write your Congressional Representative and Senators to urge them to keep the $190 million allocated for LEARN. Visit here

2. Continue to tell Congress to support public education funding. With funding shortages and the President’s proposed cuts to public education, advocacy must continue as Congress hammers out the details of the FY18 budget.

You can call, write or tweet your representatives.

You can write letters to the editor or an op-ed in your local or national newspapers.

You can ask to meet with your Representatives or their staff, either in Washington, DC or in their home districts

You can attend a town hall and make your concerns known or ask them their position. 

You can write a blog for Literacy & NCTE to write about how funding impacts you in the classroom or professional development. 

What is at stake? 

1.       Do you care about the funding public schools receive to support teacher and school leader recruitment and training?

2.       Does your school or district pay for professional learning and continuing education opportunities?

3.       Does your school or district subsidize your learning through groups like NCTE or other national organizations you support and trust?

4.       Are you a professional learning provider for schools and districts?

5.       Are you a faculty member who is concerned with student access and retention? 

These resources are all in jeopardy as Congress considers a new budget.

Why are we taking action now?

On May23, the President released his FY18 budget. It called for the elimination of LEARN and Title II funding.  It proposed diverting Title I funds away from public schools and funneling $1.4 billion to school choice programs. It also proposed cuts impacting students' access to higher education.

Secretary of Education DeVos testified in the House of Representatives Appropriations Education Subcommittee May 24 and in the Senate subcommittee on June 6 to defend the Trump Administration’s budget.

NCTE and other advocates are committed to demanding that our Members of Congress ensure that public funding goes to public education. We need you to help us keep up the pressure. 

NCTE has developed a set of funding recommendations, and we hope you will continue to write your Senators and Congressional representatives to implement those recommendations. 


EMAIL your Members of Congress to tell them to fund our public schools and keep public dollars where they belong -- with the 90 percent of American children who attend public schools!

As a constituent and a (teacher/education advocate), I am writing to ask you to stand up for schools and local communities by supporting public education.

I do not agree with the President’s proposed cuts to public education funding and strongly urge you to support public education.

In particular, I am writing to ask you to:

·       Support Title I funding for the students and schools who need them.

·       Support Title II formula funding -- this supports teacher training and professional learning for teachers and principals.

·       Support $190 million for LEARN. Do not eliminate the only source of literacy funding available to states.

·       Support TRIO, Gear Up, Pell, and other student grant & loan programs.

·       Oppose budget changes designed to support school choice initiatives with public education funding (e.g., tax credits, vouchers, or education savings accounts).

Please stand up for your local public schools and protect funding for our public school system!                         

TWEET at your elected officials:

Look up your senators’ and representative’s Twitter handles by clicking here and entering your zip code.

Sample tweets:

@(your elected official’s handle here), the educator profession deserves support! Fund #TitleIIA #EdFunding

@(your elected official’s handle here), Fund #TitleIIA; it’s critical for teachers to do their jobs effectively, cuts threaten #literacyadvocacy!

@(your elected official’s handle here), A $9 billion cut in #EdFunding means 40,000 teachers lose work and professional learning.

@(your elected official’s handle here), Protect #EdFunding 4 teachers. Reject budget cuts & support teachers and #literacyadvocacy

@(your elected official’s handle here), public #EdFunding should go to public schools! Support public schools and #literacyadvocacy!

@(your elected official’s handle here) Don’t cut education funding, invest in evidence-based training & leadership for teachers and principals. #EdFunding

@(your elected official’s handle here) Don’t divert #EdFunding away from Title I schools to support school choice initiatives.

@(your elected official’s handle here) Title I #EdFunding provides equitable access to rich and compelling learning opportunities.

@(your elected official’s handle here) Title I #EdFunding provides transformative curricula for all students.

@(your elected official’s handle here) #literatestudents critical for workforce; protect #EdFunding #literacyadvocacy

@(your elected official’s handle here) Diverting #EdFunding to private & religious schools weakens financially strapped public schools.

@(your elected official’s handle here) Support #EdFunding TRIO, Gear Up, Pell, student grant & loan programs.

@(your elected official’s handle here) Promote & improve #EdFunding access to postsecondary education for at-risk students.

@(your elected official’s handle here) Public #EdFunding critical for recruitment & retention of excellent teachers #literacyadvocacy

@(your elected official’s handle here) Public #EdFunding critical for K-16 #literatestudent access & retention #literacyadvocacy

@(your elected official’s handle here) Public #EdFunding enhances #literatestudents critical to a civic democracy #literacyadvocacy

@(your elected official’s handle here) Public #EdFunding contributes to the civil discourse through #literatestudents #literacyadvocacy

@(your elected official’s handle here) Do not divert public #EdFunding to private & religious schools that discriminate against students.

@(your elected official’s handle here) Public schools are held accountable for public #EdFunding; where is accountability for private & religious schools? 

Help NCTE spread the word: Sample tweets to your followers!

@NCTE supports a budget focused on #EdFunding and #literacyadvocacy

 #EdFunding budget cuts will deprive vulnerable students of equal access to excellent instruction #literacyadvocacy


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